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Dissolve Parliament under A VOTE NO CONFIDENCE

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We the people of Britain ask that her Majesty the Queen of  Great Britain use her powers to dissolve parliament early under a vote of no confidence.

The current collation are taking a strangle hold on this country claiming that we are all in this together while they sit there pretty spending tax payers money on expenses, lavish state funerals and museums (Thatcher museum) this country apparently cant afford.

The Disabled are being targeted by both the Government, DWP & ATOS with unfair assessments which rule people fit for work when they are clearly not, over 22,000 disabled people have died as a result of this governments new assessments finding them fit for work, It has got to the stage where nearly every disabled charity will refuse to work with ATOS and are fighting against them, Even GP's are getting involved as they believe that the system is unfair. Atos has been banned from other countries such as the USAfor their conduct within assessments and the carrying out of their contract but yet Mr Cameron proceeds to employ them with a £400 million contract for them to mainly provide NURSES to carry out the assessments and over rule a hospital specialist.

under occupancy rule (bedroom tax) is another attack on those with little means forcing landlords and councils to evict those who cant afford to pay

They expect everyone to pay up for the new council tax reforms but when some people are getting £53 to live on to pay electric gas and food oh and tv licence if they have a pc or tv this is a complete impossibility to start with let alone having to pay the excess council tax.

MR Cameron has also decided to try and revoke the general equality duty 2010 which will help him target the disabled with no way of fighting back.

There are 1.8 million registered disabled people in the UK myself being one of them all of us are scared of what Mr Cameron is going to do next and how he is going to target us next.

During World War Two 60 to 80 million soldiers and civilians died while fighting Hitler to give us our freedoms and to make it so we didnt have to be scared of what he was doing and planning on doing if he took over the world. So why is it that Mr Cameron is following in Hitlers footsteps, killing the physically and mentally disabled by his UNFAIR assessments which are being carried out by a private firm who are in it for profits and profits alone not for the health and safety of those being assessed. Atos Mr Camerons version of the secret police.

This is just a handful of the wrongs he is putting upon this countries citizens while he and a good majority of his MP's are living a life of luxury spending money we apparently haven't got on things that do not benefit this country

I ask that you contemplate what a governments purpose is, i would like to put it to you that it is the following:

The purpose of government is to provide a system in which individuals give a portion of their freedom in order to pursue needs and wants without the fears that are inherent in a state of anarchy.

In an anarchic system, individuals must protect and provide completely for themselves, and those with greater power are able to offend those with lesser power without consequence. In a system of government, the freedom to acquire and offend at will is subjugated to the will of the governed; and, in return, the governed are better able to produce without fear of loss.

Therefore, at its most basic level, the purpose of government is to protect the people from threats, both within and without.

I put it to you that this government is the latter of the two stated above with a country fearful of its next move and a government which is currently in power offending those with less power than them on a daily basis.

After considering the number of signatures on this document , the information provided and any other information you may be privy to We the people ask that;

The current government is dissolved as soon as physically possible.
A constitution to give the government certain powers while protects the rights of the people from the government.

A new election within three months of the government being dissolved

All reforms, policies and laws either created or revoked by the current government or to be taken a major look at again

We also ask that investigations into the current government, DWP & ATOS if possible for corruption, profiteering and discrimination

Thank you for taking your time to read this

You loyal subjects

The British People

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