Remove Ricardo Menéndez March from office as a Member of Parliament

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Today (the 22nd of October 2020) a Member of the Greens Party of Aotearoa New Zealand posted two tweets showing utter disrespect to the Queen of New Zealand, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second and those that have fought under allegiance to Her Majesty.

The first tweet entailed the following: "mfw they show me affirmation of allegiance to the queen" with a Chihuahua doing a squinting "what" face.

The second tweet entailed the following: "I love this picture of Queen" showing a picture of Queen, the band, trending on Twitter.

Secondly, he has been making other questionable statements - for example; when he went to parliament, one of the first things he said was: "there are a lot of white men on the walls". Which is a completely unnecessary thing to say. It may be true, but, so? It's racist thinking. If he said it about Māori there would've been extreme outrage, which is understandable, but it doesn't matter if it's white people. It also makes me think - how long has he been here, has he seen the population statistics? The majority of the population is white, what was he expecting?

In a matter of a couple days, Ricardo Menéndez has displayed himself in an unacceptable way for someone who is going to represent us in the 53rd Parliament of New Zealand, he has come to this country and violated his allegiance to the Queen that he was required to say when he became a citizen and should thus be ineligible to assume/continue office as when he pledges his allegiance to the Queen again when assuming office, we know it will be ingenuine.

We cannot have someone representing us that shows complete disregard for our systems, Te Tiriti o Waitangi (The Treaty of Waitangi) and the Sovereign, our Head of State.