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Crimson Salute to Worldwide Gov. tyranny COMPLETED for World Peace:

Rene Helmerichs

Mar 2, 2018 — 

SHARE SHARE SHARE This IS the global petition for WORLD WIDE PEACE with an absolute end to politically motivated war, everywhere, INCLUDING the middle East. <--THIS PETITION^^ right here! Excerpt follows. Translations in the works. U.S. publisher already in line. The Story Of Loo: straight talk about justice in Canada, behind-the-scenes look at how lawyers operate, Mormon Community Of Christ secrets, condoned malpractices of doctors (CPSO#) Ali, Liaqat (63312), Chawla, Anjana (84905), Dickey, Robert Lee (32295), De Freitas, Karen Denise (71381), Komer, William Joseph (55555), Karagianis, James Leslie (80478), Wong, Leslie Kin Long (86592), Van Impe, Jeffrey John Howard (82520), and Lorberg, Gunter Wolfgang (72223), Wozniak, Andrzej Eugeniusz (74339), CBRE facilities manger, and implication to global CBRE Inc. Excerpt: IV. ATTENTION workplace. Dear Dean Chandler, Senior Vice President, and Allison Kelly, First Vice President, listed as contacts for CBRE at : You will loath being welcomed into a story involving. She is directly tided to you in the story available for viewing at and and and did very much commit, and has attempted to hide, Perjury at the June 2014 trail against one Rene Helmerichs. The court file number is C13-205-SR, the location Barrie, Ontario, Canada. She would like you to believe that Mr. Helmerichs is love-obsessed. This has never been about her. She's known that. The are consequences. CBRE is directly implicated in a future lawsuit involving the intentional and knowing evading of justice if it does not willingly assist justice right away. The entire country of Taiwan currently stands with Rene Helmerichs in his bid to see justice mitigated to remarried Kelloway. In fact, this very text is expected to being circulation, in Chinese, in mainland China within a week. Every lawmaker and officer of law, including all doctors whom had convinced to retain her side, shall equally loath being accurately portrayed in a book designed to win The Nobel Peace Prize in any future year. Friends, think. This is a simple two-sided story. You shall either take the side of your employee, or the side of one who has absolutely no fear to publicize absolutely anything about lawmakers in Canada if only for more attention to attract the right people, with money, for joint ventures in such things as, truly, making real gold. Think again. If one is able to sit and type knowingly chaotically appearing text to set into play a chain of events that would see that individual reasonably paid enough money to build a little city in a remote part of Canada, does it not stand to reason that he already understands how to make the precious yellow metal in a glorified oven not differently than the kilns producing man-made diamonds in Canada? Gold and diamonds are BOTH formed from a homogenous igneous intrusive differentiated only by a rate of cooling varied with local temperature and pressures of surrounding country rock. Add a simple waveform oscillator to the kiln and the process becomes refined. Ionic bonding is a direct function of the resonate frequency of that common to the environment containing the individual subatomic parts when one considers perceptibly linear time itself to merely be the singular inverse of a common standard (containing every form of perception) called frequency. is to be brought to justice. She can contact Rene Helmerichs directly for legal council, should she desire to humble her haughty self. CBRE is receiving a different choice. For CBRE to affirm that it did NOT know of the history of its esteemed facilities manager  while did work for CBRE during her perjurous testimony at the June 2014 trial, according to her LinkedIn profile THEN CBRE shall surely be willing to share the current petition against the Canadian government, echoed at and (for security of social media companies which incoherently have blocked individual links but never dared to just pull the plug on the internet as a whole). CBRE shall confirm that NO MEMBER OF CBRE did know of the perjury committed by , then Yewchyn. It actually defies common logic that no member did know, since one who is truly under duress does share the story of duress with as many people as will give it ear.  must surely have whined or complained about Rene since that is all she has been doing to the lawmakers previously having flocked to her tail. She must sure have talked at work. Regardless, CBRE is directly implicated. Are we friends, or would you really like to challenge Rene Helmerichs on the mute legal point? Which of us is more public? Which of us truly has nothing to lose? Which of us is going to be a much greater problem to the other if we consider the contents of this post and add the exponential growth factor of rippling time in the cesspool of all things irregardless if Rene is physically present or a bewitching wholey ghost? CBRE, you are no stranger to court proceedings. In fact, you have won a great many cases. How would your opposing parties feel at the chance to pick your global enterprise to legal pieces with, simply a closer look at your relationship with  Interestingly, once a perjurer, always a perjurer and those who defend a perjurer are themselves equally culpable in legal proceedings. Ergo, there may yet be opportunity for your opposition to regain market share previously lost to CBRE. That's not a threat, it's a fact of the legal life multi-culturally accepted as Karma. Let us stand as one for one same kind of cross-cultural honesty. Heaven knows the dishonest have much else in their daily operations to want to keep hidden. Come get me if you want to harm me, otherwise, just partner. This document is already global and being translated for a much larger fed-up social media audience than you can possibly imagine.

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