Change the name of White Oak Creek Drive, Sandston, VA

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Are you tired of meeting 18 wheelers on White Oak Road, Elko Road and Portugee Road?  Are you worried that you or your children’s school bus may be forced off of the roadway causing injury, or maybe even death?  Are you tired of replacing your mailbox or other property damage due to 18 wheelers being on your roadway?  If you are, please continue to read and then sign the petition.

In 2014, Lumber Liquidators was constructed in White Oak Technology Park.  The county gave their location the address of White Oak Creek Drive.

In January, 2015, 18 wheelers began traveling White Oak Road as well as into the neighborhood where White Oak…(Court, Drive, Place and Circle) are located in search of Lumber Liquidators.  There were 461 trucks on White Oak Road in 2015.

In February, 2015, an ordinance restricting truck traffic on White Oak Road was passed by the Board of Supervisors and enforcement was conducted by the police department in March, 2015.  This only happened after there was a shooting on Scandia and neither rescue nor the police could respond because the roadway was blocked by a Cowan truck attempting to turn off of Scandia Road onto White Oak Road.  There have also been Swift trucks in the neighborhood…all looking for Lumber Liquidators.

  • In 2016 – 126 trucks traveled White Oak Road
  • In 2017 – 170 trucks traveled White Oak Road
  • In 2018 – 72 trucks traveled White Oak Road

The reduction in 2018 was a direct result of my writing letters to all of the major trucking companies making them aware of their employees’ violations.  State Police were also notified and they responded with their Motor Carrier Enforcement team that found drivers who, according to one of the troopers, “should have never been behind the wheel of the tractor trailer.”

In January, 2019 there were 7 tractor trailers on White Oak Road which indicates an uptick in truck traffic.

So far in February, 2019, there has been 4 trucks on White Oak Road, the most recent on February 17, 2019.

Changing the name of White Oak Creek Drive was proposed by me in 2015, and repeatedly since.  The County Manager has refused that proposal despite conversations with truckers who stated the GPS was sending them to White Oak Road and the other assorted roads with White Oak in the name…all except for White Oak Creek Drive.

Mr. Tyrone Nelson, Varina Supervisor, finally made a formal request to the County Manager to change the name.  Mr. Vithoulkas responded in writing on February 8, 2019.  Below is part of his response;

” I am responding to your request for the County to consider a name change of White Oak Creek Drive due to concerns regarding truck traffic in the area and to avoid confusion with a truck driver’s GPS system that may take them to White Oak Road.  We investigated this and determined that such a change would create a significant and unwanted impact to business owners on White Oak Creek Drive.  These impacts include reprinting all stationary and business cards for employees; confusing vendors who deliver goods and services and confusing existing data center activities which are networked with other locations in Henrico County and elsewhere.  It also has the potential to cause more confusion as it would take time for GPS data to get updated to include the new road name.”

He continues to outline steps that have been taken over the past 4.5 years, all of which have not resolved the problem.

It is clear from Mr. Vithoulkas’ response that his allegiance is to the companies that the County pays to move into Henrico County.

It is clear that the safety of the citizens of Henrico and the impact on our property values as the expansion of the technology park continues and draws in more tractor trailer traffic is of no concern to Mr. Vithoulkas.

Therefore, it is time for you, the citizens of this area, to speak up and make your concerns known about this truck traffic and your support of a name change.

I am asking that you sign this petition which I will personally present to the Board of Supervisors and to call and write John Vithoulkas (804-501-4206) as well as the other members of the Board of Supervisors to make your thoughts and concerns known.

Thank you for signing and becoming active in this endeavor.  Also, please visit the facebook page for more detailed information about this issue and to see the full response from Mr. Vithoulkas.

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