Save the Bats

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Bats are getting endangered by construction and developments.  Bats are getting low on food supply. Some bats do not have a home to live in and some of them die. Bats have lost their habitat because of people doing construction.

Many bats around the world are vulnerable due to loss and fragmentation of the habitat. Destruction of their trees that they live in, get destroyed because of the population. The population grows strongly and when the population grows more and more homes need to be built, which means trees get cut down so bats have to leave their natural habitat. Also, some bats also make nests while construction is happening to a certain building and when construction workers take breaks the bats build nests so the next day when construction workers come to build again the bats possibly fall or die and get hurt because of all the trauma and construction happening nearby. Also, pesticides and farming actions have led to fewer bugs and insects. which bats really rely on to stay alive.

We are a group of 6th-grade students completing our PYP Exhibition project at Roxborough Primary School in Littleton, Colorado. We are studying animal habitat loss, specifically about bats. For our action piece, we have acquired two bat houses that we will paint and hang up around our school. This action will help the bats in our community by protecting them and increasing their population.

We also want to educate and inspire others to actively save the bats and would encourage you to sign our petition and make your own bat house! 

Installing a Bat House can provide a safe environment for hundreds of bats.

Bat houses give females a safe, warm place to raise their young. Because bats typically only have one pup each year, populations are slow to grow. Plus, because of habitat loss, bats are finding it harder to find places to roost during the day and to raise their young.

By installing a bat house, you give these pups a chance to survive and for populations to be healthy. And all those healthy bats mean we can use less pesticide on our plants—a win win for everyone.


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