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We Are Calling For Dr. Livesay’s and Delana Bice’s Resignations

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We, alumni and friends of Bryan College, protest the continual incompetent and unbiblical leadership of the College by President Stephen Livesay and the Bryan Board of Trustees.

 The signs of this poor leadership are obvious:

  • .         Loss of key college programs, such as the Center for Origins Research and Education.
  • ·         30-2 vote of no confidence by the faculty (2014)
  • ·         resignation of 4 of 6 vice-presidents (2013-14)
  • ·         several hundred students’ signing a petition against President Livesay’s actions and around 200 students’ participating in a public “Hear My Voice” protest              (2014)
  • ·         resignations of 8 of 20 trustees in 2013-14, and another in 2017, at least 6 of them in protest against the president’s leadership
  • ·         dismissal or resignation of around 100 Bryan employees (2014-present)
  • ·         alienation of a large proportion of the alumni, many of whom no longer feel connected with or willing to give financially to the College (2014-present)
  • ·         ethically and even legally questionable means used to transfer the assets of Fort Bluff Camp to Bryan College, as noted in former trustee Wayne Cropp’s resignation statement (2017). Click the link below to see Wayne Cropp's Letter

These losses and disruptions have surely been produced in part by incompetence, but deeply ungodly attitudes and behaviors have been crucial causes:

President Livesay has failed to act biblically toward believers who disagree with him. Consistent reports from a number of those who have worked at the College show that Livesay does not follow the mandates of Matthew 18:15 and Ephesians 4:13-16 to discuss his differences with other believers in a humble, loving way that could promote correction and reconciliation. Instead, he treats all disagreement with his views as evil and uses deception, threats, and job termination to silence dialogue and hide dissent. 
President Livesay has continued to incite the opposition of Christian men and women of proven faith and integrity.   Pastors, Christian professionals, faculty and staff who have made sacrifices over many years for Christ and His ministry at Bryan College, and some of Bryan’s brightest and most faithful students, alumni, and friends have spoken up again and again against Livesay’s failures in godly servant-leadership.  Yet he has refused to repent and goes on dividing and damaging the body of Christ at Bryan (John 17:20-21).  
·         Rather than doing its job as a supervisory body that exercises authority over the president, the Bryan Board of Trustees has passively and blindly followed the president.  As exemplified in Wayne Cropp’s resignation statement, the trustees have violated the teaching of Proverbs to seek abundant counsel, making it difficult or impossible for others in the Bryan community besides the president to have input into their decisions.  They have operated as a disengaged, unloving elite, basing crucial decisions on misinformation, grossly overpaying President Livesay, and supporting his worst practices.

Because of these many failures in Christian leadership, we, the undersigned Bryan alumni and supporters, call for the resignation or firing of President Stephen Livesay, the resignation of current Board Chairman Delana Bice and former Board Chairman Col. John Haynes, and the resignation or heartfelt repentance of the remainder of the Bryan Board of Trustees.

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