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Help Us Safeguard Clean Air in South Carolina

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We Want To Tell South Carolina Lawmakers That Clean Air Is Essential For Our Health and For Our Environment

Is breathing clean air important to you and your family members?

It's important to me because  polluted air negatively impacts my quality of life. I cannot breathe. When the air is polluted I can't leave my house to walk my dogs without wearing a mask that blocks the pollution. My Therapy Dog and I can't go to the school where I tutor reading to young children. I have to miss school, and I am unable to help the students. It's a loss to all of us.

My friend Helene, seeing the negative impact smoke has on my health, encouraged me to take action. Together we are petitioning to stop the practice of open burn in South Carolina. Please join me and Helene by signing our petition asking South Carolina lawmakers to protect all of our health by banning the practice of open burning.

Air quality as it relates to open burning in South Carolina is a serious health issue. Open burning occurs when unscrupulous site prep companies clear land in new or existing neighborhoods. After trees are cut down and logs hauled away remaining tree stumps and debris are burned in an open pit. The resulting smoke pollutes the air we breathe.

South Carolina open burn laws must be changed. We also want existing open burn laws consistently enforced by local law enforcement with penalties tough enough to convince site prep companies not to pollute our air.

Open burn is toxic because it creates ozone and particle pollution. The EPA states it causes unhealthy breathing conditions. Exacerbates asthma. May cause reproductive harm. Developmental harm. Cardiovascular harm. Cancer. In diabetics it's been shown to increase strokes, heart attacks, and likely causes early death. Environmentally smoke also pollutes soil, streams, and lakes.

We want the burning caused by unscrupulous site prep companies stopped. An open burn ban will protect us from site prep companies who disregard our health and the health of our environment. We want industrial wood chippers and stump grinders used to clean up debris left behind when land is cleared.

Signatures on our petition will show South Carolina lawmakers that the people of South Carolina are serious about breathing clean air.

This is a grass roots movement - your voice counts! Join us in demanding that South Carolina lawmakers take action to protect our health and environment by banning the dangerous practice of open burning in our state.

Kathy Capuano and Helene Kugit                                                                                 Bluffton, SC   

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