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Petitioning Amnesty International USA Office and 4 others

Help to bring justice to Maldivian people. Stop violence, crime and give freedom of speech.


For more that 45+ years Maldivians has suffered different sorts of injustice. Maldivians are generally peaceful and happy people. They are compliant and trusting their leaders without questioning whether their actions were justifiable.

After the rule under 3 different Presidents Maldives is facing more violence and injustice that is going beyond understanding. A young journalist is now in coma and fighting for his life after brutal beatings by some anonymous people.

No justice has been done since brutal murder of the MP Dr. Afrasheem Ali and a fatal attack to a journalist Ismail Hilath Rasheed. With God's blessing he recovered after having his throat slashed. No wrongdoer have been brought to justice.

The people of Maldives are currently suffering from increased violence and lost of freedom for speech. My parents and parents of many others are fearful for their sons and daughters. This has to be stopped.

I request, all of you, to help me with this initiative to create awareness among the citizen of the world. I am hope that this will lead to action from all people who want justice and from fair leaders to take action towards the current government of Maldives to exercise justice.

The current government came to power after a police mutiny, Yes, it was a police mutiny on the 7 February 2012. -Another side of the story. Forcing to resign the first democratically elected president.

United Nations, United States of America, INDIA, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and Australia, I request you to assist Maldives to bring about justice. I am requesting for sincere help! This is an attempt to take some action to assist the innocent Maldivians.

May The God help me. Thank you.


Letter to
Amnesty International USA Office
Reporters without Borders (Asia Desk) Reporters without Borders (Asia Desk)
Human Rights Watch Press Desk Human Rights Watch Press Desk
and 2 others
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maldives Minister of Foreign Affairs
Prosecutor General's Office Prosecutor Genera
Maldives was a peaceful country. However, the current situation is beyond imagination. I request you to take action to assist me so that the international community is aware of the situation in Maldives. I also ask the leaders of Maldives to take action towards justice.

I grew up and not hearing brutality of current nature. Such hatred further infuriated by illegal drug use and violence instigated by contracts. Youth of Maldives are abused by politicians and their supporters who have no humanity at all.

We need support and assistance to change the current violent situation that has lost total freedom.

This is a plea from the silent citizens of Maldives who live in the remote islands whose basic needs will be effected. Some people who were effected by 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami are still living in there temporary accommodations that are appalling while the politician are fighting over power.

Please take action to assist the Maldivians in the best possible way.

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