HELP the Uyghur Nation and the People of East Turkistan! They are the victims of Genocide

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The Disappearing Nation You Didn’t Know About...

Do you ever ask yourself why Chinese journalists can travel outside of China to but obtain news outside of their country but few journalists or reporters can go inside China to report the reality to the outside world? Think about what are they hiding...

Please, read carefully and be open minded about what you are about to find out. Some of you probably already know the cruel things China is doing to Uyghur nation or maybe some of you know who the Uyghurs are but don’t really know where they live and maybe some of you have no idea and that’s OK, because I’m here to tell you some things briefly about Chinese Government and about Uyghur nation.

Hi my name is Roze, I was born in Kazakhstan, my background is Uyghur which is ethnically Turkish. Uyghurs live in East Turkistan, and China occupied East Turkistan in 1949. Now the Uyghur nation and the people of East Turkistan live under Chinese rule. My father was born in Urumchi (the capital of East Turkistan) and he left the country when he was 17 years old to Egypt during an uprising in East Turkistan. I thank god that he had the courage to leave the country or I wouldn’t even exist right now. We don’t know if my father’s brother and sisters who stayed in East Turkistan are alive right now as we haven’t spoken to them in over a year, and there's no other way to contact our family because Chinese government has imposed a communication black out and an Orwellian surveillance state. Not only my family but other Uyghurs and people from East Turkistan living here in USA and across the world are in sorrow and restless due to not knowing if their children, mom, dad, sister, brother, cousin & etc. are alive and well. And every year the situation got worse, more repressive, and more ridiculously draconian rules imposed on the Uyghur nation and more deaths.

This year (2018), the Chinese government has built more concentration camps to “Re-Educate” Uyghurs, that’s what they (the Chinese government) says officially but in reality it’s a concentration camp where they torture, and kill people. A lot of Uyghurs there risk themselves and call the US based Radio Free Asia news agencies Uyghur service with more information on what is going on in East Turkistam. One of the stories I came across was, the cops had let go one of the older men in his mid-70s because he got “SICK”, and this man later went back to his family who was in hiding and told them everything that is happening inside the prison & the concentration camps. He stated that he saw women ages 15-50 get raped and tortured and men ages 13-65 get beaten and also tortured till they pass out or even die. He also said that they give you vaccines so you mentally & physically get sick, for food they force you to eat pig brains, dog/cat meat and other nasty things (Majority of the Uyghurs are Muslims). The cops force older men to shave their beards off (and this is a big deal to those men who are religious & respected) and for some women that wear hijab (headscarf) they force them to take it off. Unfortunately, after telling these things to his family he passed away (May he R.I.P) and his family suspects that he has been medicated by the government to die (so he won’t say anything that happened to others inside the camp). His family risked everything and contacted RFA’s Uyghur service to inform us and asked us to help them.

When someone dies, in traditional Uyghur way men carry the casket and women walk in back on their way to graveyard, but now since almost all men, teen to elderly are in jail or in the “Re-Education” dubbed Concentration Camps when someone dies women are carrying the casket and in some cases the bodies are cremated by the Chinese government’s “burial management” facilities (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!). If you’re thinking why are more men in jail, then women, then well so there won’t men to reproduce with the Uyghur women to continue the future of the Uyghur nation. Younger women ages 14-30 are reportedly being sold to wealthy older men in China. Yes, as sex slaves. Let’s come back to the graveyard, Chinese government is no longer letting any Uyghur that died to be buried, when someone dies their sent to the hospital, the doctor takes some organs that is working and saves it to a Chinese patient for organ transfer, the doctors DO NOT care if you are organ donor, and afterwards they burn the body without the dead person’s family knowing. And if the family asks any questions like “Where’s the body?” They get punished and get send to the camp... This sounds crazy but it’s the reality in Chinese occupied East Turkistan.

China is shutting down majority of the Mosques and other places of worship in East Turkistan and soon they’ll get rid of all the mosques in China as well. When there’s a Muslim holiday like Ramadan and Uyghur people are barred from fasting, barred from going to the mosques, and barred from praying. The Chinese officials usually force Uyghurs to eat or they are beaten or sent to camps, the cops will arrest people who are fasting take them to their prison and force them to eat from the mouth or nose and force them to drink alcohol beverage, which is not allowed in Islam especially during this holy month of Ramadan, and they (the Chinese officials) do this just for FUN.

Uyghurs are forbidden to speak the Uyghur language in public and even at their own homes which now have at least 1 Chinese official living with them to monitor their activities and ensure their loyalty to the Chinese state. They are forced to learn and speak Chinese, if a cop or Chinese person hears you speaking Uyghur or Turkish you get punished. And you might be thinking how does the Chinese government know what you speaking at your own home, the government sends one Chinese person to every Uyghur family literally in every family there’s one Chinese person to check up on them, and yes the Uyghur family has to treat that person like their own and feed them, cloth them and live under one roof with them. There is no freedom even in your own home.

If a Chinese man wants to marry a Uyghur girl she HAS to get married in order to save her family in the concentration camp. Once she is forcefully married, the Chinese government releases her family, but if she doesn’t they all get killed and if a Chinese woman wants to marry Uyghur guy the same rules apply to him.

The events which I am describing is just a fraction of the reality in East Turkistan, I just to give you guys some true fact idea on what is going on truly in East Turkistan and what China is doing to the Uyghur people. Please do not get offended with this. And if you are a Chinese person I do NOT want to offend you that’s why I repeatedly said “Chinese Government”, because I believe at least one Chinese person wants to help the Uyghur people there, but they might be also under the pressure. The Chinese government is the blame for EVERYTHING.

THANK YOU, for reading till the end. I will do everything in my power to help Uyghur people in East Turkistan and I can’t do it alone so please, spread the word... Share and Sign.

Were all humans nobody deserves to be treated the way Uyghur people are being treated by Chinese Government.

“If you want to learn more research, Uyghur people in East Turkistan”

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