Help stop the removal of Adrian 'Ado' Ryan's memorial

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The family and friends of Adrian 'Ado' Ryan have been recently informed that his roadside memorial has to be removed from its current location at Allens Creek on Picton Road NSW.

Adrian lost his life in a horrifying truck accident on the 24th March 2017. He was just doing his job, a small part to keep Australia moving.

Adrian's family and friends have recently been informed that the location of the memorial has been identified as a safety risk and Transport NSW are demanding the removal of the memorial from the site. This decision comes with shock, to the family and friends of Adrian as the memorial has been erect at the location since 13th August 2017 and their haven’t been any concerns raised regarding the site of the memorial until now.   

The memorial has become a critical part of Adrian’s family and friend’s lives, visiting it, driving past whilst also contributing to keep Australia moving, paying their respects to Adrian and reflecting on his life, helping them get through their grief and keep the mate-ship alive. To have this memorial removed from the location where Adrian lost his life, will contribute to even more ongoing pain, grief and disruption to the family and friends of Adrian as well as the memory or Adrian's life.

Adrian's family and friends are willing to work with all required departments to keep the memorial at its current site.

Please show your support and sign this petition to keep this amazing tribute to Adrian's life in the location where it is, where his life was taken.