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Everyday Pitbulls are being taken from homes and being euthanized because of their aggressiveness.

This is some information that will help you get a better view on this.

Over the years, the number of people killing innocent, friendly dogs has increased. People think it’s okay to kill a dog when it comes to pitbulls. Officers say the dog was “vicious” or “violent” at the time when tons of people report otherwise such as that the dog had been aggressive for a moment. Officers are killing the innocent instead of serving and protecting. Any dog from any breed can be aggressive based on how its treated, not just pitbulls.

Most pitbulls are breed for fighting ability; used for dog fighting. People take this as fake news that this breed of dog will attack them. Pitbulls trained for this are most of the time more likely to attack other dogs than people. They are used for dog fighting because they are strong and easy to train. Once pitbulls see you as their master the will gladly trade their life for yours.

People are taking innocent dogs from homes because the dogs may be aggressive, they test dogs on their aggressiveness and neutered/spayed, if they dog fails the aggressiveness test it gets euthanized.

Pit bulls that live on the streets get put down after being caught because most shelters won’t take them.

It is often peoples fault the dogs are aggressive, no dogs is ever born aggressive they only become aggressive through influence. Animal aggression and Human aggression are not the same.

Why do people engage in dog fights? Why are they so draw to them? It can be a sign of dominance or just to earn money. An average of 16,000 dogs are killed in dog fights every year in the U.S. In most places, dog fights are illegal. Even being a bystander to a dog fight is illegal.

Yes, today it’s easy to find a terrible story of a kid being killed by a pitbull. Though it could be any kind of dog. Some of these stories can be fibs to get people on their side to hate pitbulls. And they are easy to believe because of a pitbull’s strong jaw and how people put them in dog fights. Pitbulls are great with children too they are sometimes even called “Nanny Dogs”!

Dogs have no concept of size, often a smaller dog will challenge a bigger dog and this can result in death of the smaller dog. Humans usually think its the bigger dog who wants to pick a fight with a smaller dog but it usually is not this is a common human misconception.

So please please help these animals they are great pets and do not deserve to be inhumanely euthanized! You can be saving countless dogs' lives!


                                                                                       Kerry & Kirsten        

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