5 August 2018
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Started by Francesca Sciagura

Please add your signature today to help stop corporate greed from destroying people’s lives and the threatened Banksia Woodlands.

Construction company Hanson Australia is pushing ahead with a proposed sand mine in Wellard, Western Australia (41km from Perth), despite strong objections by the City of Kwinana and local residents about the environmental damage it will cause and the negative health and safety impacts on the local community.

We are deeply concerned to learn that Hanson Australia is calling for public comment on the sand mining of the former Banksia Road Rifle Range area, which for several years has been under the control of the City of Kwinana Council as a conservation reserve (a Conservation Advice was approved August 2016).

The Banksia Road conservation reserve is 26 hectares (64 acres) in size, covered in mostly native vegetation, which contains 100’s of species of native flora & fauna - including six conservation-significant species like the endangered Carnaby's Black Cockatoos and the King Spider Orchid.

“If approved, this mine would pave the way for broad scale clearing of natural vegetation of unique Banksia Woodlands in the Wellard area, resulting in an environment devoid of native flora and fauna,” Mayor Adams said.

Hanson has ignored at the cost to the health and safety of local families the Department of Mines 500m buffer zone. Within the 500m buffer zone there are over 40 households. Home for a large cross section of the population from young families to retirees. All hard-working average people that will be severely negatively impacted if this mine goes ahead. There are also two residential developments within 2km’s of the mine and will also suffer from the establishment of this mine.

Health & safety concerns of the local community:

  • Silica dust implications (the new asbestos) causing major health implications to surrounding rural and housing estate residents.
  • Lead contamination of top soil that if disturbed will cause contamination of the air, rain water (vital for residents as most are not on scheme water) and ground water with major health implications.
  • Noise pollution from an operation that is not suitable or welcome for the area.
  • Clearing this land will mean a loss in a pivotal area necessary for the protection of many species of flora and fauna that provide a peaceful & beautiful back drop to the area. As well as traffic hazards caused by the displacement of animals as they are forced out of their habitats.
  • 60 million litres of water per year for over a decade will be removed from the water table. Many residents rely on bores for water. Depleting the local water table will lead to the death of native vegetation and added expense for residence to replace bores.
  • An increase in trucks using roads not designed for large scale heavy haulage will put community’s safety at risk.
  • Increased road traffic ‘Black Spots’ due to poor sighting and unfavourable road contours.
  • The value of properties in the area will decline greatly because of this mine which far outweighs the value of the mine.

All these negative impacts for the tiny savings for the global billion-dollar entity Hanson. Hanson has 83 other sites in the Perth metropolitan region either operational, pending or proposed that are far better suited to sand mining and pose less risk to the vulnerable environment and local people’s lives.

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Signatures: 3,172Next goal: 5,000
Support now

Decision makers

  • Madeleine KingShadow Minister for Trade
  • Honourable Roger Cook MLADeputy Premier; Minister for Health; Mental Health
  • Honourable William Johnston MLAMinister for Mines & Petroleum
  • Honourable Stephen Noel Dawson MLCMinister for Environment
  • Ms Madeleine King MPMember for Brand