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Help Save Animals in Japan's Quake Zone! (Updated)


*UPDATE* While the Japanese government is working with local officials to start allowing a small number of residents at a time to return to their homes for up to two hours, the residents are not allowed to bring their animals out of the forbidden zone.  They are told to tie or crate their pets outside where officials can collect them in a day or two.  In all, nine municipalities were affected and the system the government now has in place is for the municipalities to take turns allowing their residents to return to their homes.  Because of the size of the affected area and number of municipalities, this is estimated to take over five months to accomplish.  As of May 11th, residents of only one village had been allowed to return - 27 dogs and two cats were rescued. Farmed animals have not been included in this plan. This system will not help the majority of the animals in need of help now.  Please continue signing this petition! 


While the Japanese government is scrambling to take care of their people and trying to get the crippled country back on its feet in the wake of the 9.0 earthquake in March and subsequent record-breaking tsunami and massive radiation leak, the animals left behind in the Fukushima evacuation zone are silently enduring unspeakable suffering.


Farm animals (cows, horses, pigs and chickens) as well as domestic pets (dogs and cats) are left to fend for themselves without water, food or basic life-sustaining necessities - often tied, chained or otherwise confined.  They are suffering slow, painful deaths due to starvation, dehydration and radiation exposure.

The animals were dying in alarming numbers even when rescue groups and brave pet owners defying the “do not enter” proclamation were able to sneak into the forbidden zone to take care of the animals left behind after the quake.  However, on April 22nd the government put into place a strict order to keep people out and now the animals have no chance for survival or relief from a slow death until the government lifts the ban.

Japanese animal welfare groups, as well as organizations from the United States that are in Japan to assist, have been unsuccessfully working with the government to be allowed into the evacuation zone and are on standby ready to move in at a moment’s notice.  With no time to waste, please sign this petition immediately asking the Japanese government to move swiftly to help these animals.


Letter to
Prime Minister Naoto Kan
Domestic pets such as dogs and cats, along with farm animals such as horses, cows and pigs left behind in the Fukushima evacuation zone are enduring unspeakable suffering. They have been left to fend for themselves without any prospect of finding food or water while being exposed to massive radiation. With the strict order by the government to not allow rescue groups willing to enter at their own risks to help these animals, the animals have no chance of survival.

Japanese rescue groups, as well as organizations from the United States there to assist, are standing by at this moment to be allowed into the evacuation zone. Please immediately allow these rescue groups access to help the animals who have been fending for themselves, many since the earthquake on March 11. Time is of the essence.

Reports coming out of Japan praise your country for the swift action, dignity, compassion, and sacrifice exhibited by your people in the wake of the terrible tragedy. Please extend these honorable characteristics to your animals left behind in the evacuation zone through no fault of their own, and who at this moment are suffering and dying painful deaths from starvation and radiation.

We implore upon you to do the right thing, as a nation and as human beings, and do everything in your power to aid these animals who cannot help themselves.


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