Petition to pass AB3153 which would give California college students summer financial aid

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By 2030, California will have 1.1 million less college graduates than its workforce and economy will demand. This problem is compounded by the fact that 4 year graduation rates of California colleges are dismal, with only 21% of all CSU students and only 30% of low income University of California students graduating on time.  A large impediment to California graduation rates is the lack of aid available to students. Increasing aid to students, especially aid that can be used to enroll in summer sessions, helps students graduate on time and with less debt. That's why Assemblyman Marc Levine recently introduced AB3153, a bill that would extend the Cal Grant to summer for California college students. The Cal Grant is a tuition paying grant that affects over 300,000 students and increasing its eligibility is expected to increase summer enrollment and help students graduate on time. On behalf of the students and future of California, join The Coalition for a Better UC (CBUC) in advocating for the passing of AB3153, which would extend the Cal Grant as a Year Round resource for students in need by signing this petition.