Domino's, Pizza Hut, Little Caesar's, Papa John's: Make Pizza Boxes Recyclable

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  We Americans enjoy 3 billion pizzas annually, and for years we’ve had to toss the boxes in the trash because of the grease. We can no longer afford to do this since China’s stopped imports of our recyclables, as of 2018. Since then, our economy and environment have weakened across the board, for instance:

  • San Diego's recycling made them $4 million the previous year, recycling now costs the city $1.1 million
  • Philadelphia made $67 a ton selling their recyclables, now they pay $40 a ton to get rid of it
  • Over 1,000 recycling centers and processing plants have shut down nationwide, and many cities and municipalities are regrettably sending their recyclables to landfills or incinerators

  For many reasons, we have to make an immediate effort to turn this around, and these businesses must stop ignoring sustainability and environmental responsibility. Even more so, given the fact that on, 1,000 parchment rounds can be purchased for $74, making each one 7 cents. Pizza restaurants not spending 7 cents more per pie costs our planet 674 million pounds of cardboard that we immediately send to landfills. That 674 million pounds of cardboard takes 1.4 million tons of wood, 8.9 million BTUs of energy, and 5.9 billion gallons of water to make. Help put a stop to this insane waste of our natural resources NOW, so we can finally recycle the pizza box we should always have been able to. #blanketthebox