Help Get The Taco Bell Smothered Burrito Back on the Menu

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It was a warm, breezy, fateful day in May. The year was 2012. I was but a wee lad at the age of 13, enjoying some Taco Bell with friends. I had ordered a chicken quesadilla and sat down with some friends from marching band. I got up and left my steaming quesadilla unattended while I refilled my drink at the soda machine. Little did I know, that move was going to lead to the worst mistake of my life. I sat back down and was greeted to a few faces expectantly waiting for me to eat my quesadilla. Innocently unaware, I ate and enjoyed its cheesy, chickeny goodness. Its flavor rocked my world. It wasn't until I had fully finished my quesadilla that my "friends" had let me in on a terrible truth: one of them had licked the front and back of my entire quesadilla! Being a germophobe, I was bewildered, astonished, even flabbergasted. Starting that moment, I would rue the day I ever ate at Taco Bell, and I would refuse to eat there for four, long, dark, solemn years. 

Everything changed in 2016. New friends, better friends, had convinced me to go to Taco Bell again. They said that I shouldn't let the past define me. They stood by my side so as to help me overcome my worst fear. So I did. I opened the door, thinking that it seemed really heavy for my nervous, shaky hand to pull. I took a step in and read the menu as cold sweats and trepidation made my vision unfocused and bleary. Then I saw it. It shined with an angelic glow. Choirs sang "Hallelujah" from above. The menu seemed to revolve around this glorious gift from God himself...

The Smothered Burrito. 

It was beautiful. Not just in looks, but in taste. It saved me from eternal Taco Bell Germophobe Damnation, which is something I know many suffer from. Since then, the only thing I have bought off the Taco Bell menu is the Smothered Burrito (and 60 cinnabon delights, but that's for another story). 

Fast forward. It's President's Day, 2018. I'm with the same friends that introduced me to the Smothered Burrito. We decided to go and have brunch together, and at what better place is there to have brunch at than Taco Bell? I walk in and order the Smothered Burrito. By now, this was well-rehearsed. My hands didn't shake opening the door, and my vision was whatever the antonym of bleary is. I expected to simply give the cashier my name, pay for the order, and cheerily munch on my Smothered Burrito, as I had done dozens of times in the past two years. What I didn't expect was what happened instead. For the second time, I am overcome with another terrible truth: the Smothered Burrito has been taken off the menu

I scream, twist, and cry in agony as I order its replacement, the Nacho Fries Supreme on a whim. Although good, it will never replace the true champion of fast food burritos...

That's why I need your help! Yes, you! You can make a change by letting Taco Bell know that we demand the Smothered Burrito back! I know for certain that I am not the only one being affected by this calamity of an event. If you or a loved one has had their world rocked by this rash change in menu options, please support this petition by signing and sharing it to everyone you know. 

Together, we can make a difference.

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." -Henry Ford

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