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Action! Free Courtney Bisbee, Maricopa County, Arizona July 2015

Camille Tilley
Goodyear, AZ, United States

Jul 16, 2015 — Hello to Courtney Bisbee's Friends and Supporters around the world:

Over 177,620 of you -- who signed Courtney Bisbee's petition, wrote letters, made phone calls over the years -- have been ignored by the Arizona state officials and prosecutors named in the petition.

It is the state's prosecutors' ethical responsibility to seek fair justice and to "right the wrongs", but they have turned a blind eye to Courtney's new evidence and exculpatory evidence. Her wrongful conviction is an embarrassment to Arizona's justice system.

After eleven long years in this journey-through-hell-in-Arizona, if you want to help Courtney and her family, please write President Obama directly.

Courtney's case is the tip of the iceberg. The President is focusing on America's broken criminal justice system and federal prisons this week. Let him know he needs to focus on the hundreds of thousands of innocent and wrongfully convicted men, women and children languishing in our state and county jails, prisons, juvenile detention and adult/family detention centers (internment camps) across America.

Is "Equal Justice Under Law" chiseled into the facia of our U.S. Supreme Court a myth? As thousands of innocent daughters, sons, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers -- families like ours across America have been languishing in prison -- and waiting for over a decade for fair justice in the 'nonexistent" appeals (in name only) courts?

Why has the new evidence and exculpatory evidence - proof of a scam for money by the accuser and his mother, and Courtney's innocence never been heard in an Arizona court? If this can happen to Courtney, it can happen to anyone, as we see daily in the media.

As concerned and involved citizens, we can no longer stand by, being ignored by the officials whose salaries, benefits and pensions we pay, as they turn a blind eye to getting the innocent (and wrongfully convicted) out of prisons across America! Starting with Courtney Bisbee, Arizona, who is the "face" of a mother (and her child) they chose to discard.

Your ongoing support and action is greatly appreciated by Courtney and her family. It's long overdue to end this travesty of justice done to Courtney and her family.

We will not rest until Courtney is free, exonerated, reunited with her family and made financially whole again. This American tragedy for this beloved mother and daughter must come to an end.

Warmest regards,
Tom and Camille Tilley
and Family

Defacto-life sentences for the non-violent created by our lawmakers is unconscionable! The filing of the first police report is the start of destroying innocent lives and families, when "presumption of innocence" is ignored by law enforcement and the media who sensationalize "crime".

Be forewarned: All should read the attached links to see America's reality and what your children or grandchildren are facing with draconian laws created during campaign cycle "moral panics".

Make no mistake, this IS a war on our own people that is replacing the decades-long failed "war on drugs", that can no longer be ignored:

"Equal Justice Under Law ..." by Phil Locke, The Wrongful Conviction blog 7/15/15

"The Wrongfully Convicted Sex Offender" by Phil Locke, Wrongful Conviction blog Sept. 02, 2013 Read over 135 comments.

Sex Offender Registries and Calls for Reform | Diane Rehms Show NPR | 7/8/15

"Teenager’s Jailing Brings a Call to Fix Sex Offender Registries" - The New York Times 7/4/15

SO Registration Archives - Collateral Consequences Resource Center 2015

Dangerous and draconian laws: "Regulating Sex" by Judith Shulevitz | The New York Times 6/27/15

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