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Help Eternal Crusade have a community workshop.

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Note: The situation has changed since this petition was started and as such there is a short update at the bottom. The petition below this note is written as it was originally but it's content and views may be outdated. Read both for a clearer understanding on the topic.


Eternal Crusade launched in September of 2016 to a somewhat mixed response. Most fans of the game will tell you that the game launched without enough content and while the team has had to swap their focus to bug-fixing and balancing the flow of content has slowed even more. This petition aims to convince Games Workshop that there is a desire for an alternative solution to the problem of slow content development.

The Warhammer Community is highly creative and passionate about the setting. This contributes to the creation fan content that is of or near professional in quality. Many games have seen their lifespans and community deeply expanded by the introduction of community workshops, places where fans submit their content in hopes of seeing it added in by the developer. One good example of this is Warframe with its Tennogen items. These items are voted on by the community and then hand picked by the developers to be adapted and introduced to the game.

This system could be of great benefit to the developers of Eternal Crusade, being that items could be created, presented, voted on by the community to ensure quality, then picked by the developers to submit to Games Workshop for their approval. Such things could range from simple cosmetics to new character models and perhaps even level assets or designs. This would lessen the burden on both Behaviour Interactive having to pay to outsource for new models as well as the development team coming up with new assets and cosmetics.

Eternal Crusade is game with plenty of love and hard work behind it on the developer's part, but it is beyond frustrating as a consumer to see a content starved game be held back when there is a community that would be willing to help it flourish.


As such, we ask Games Workshop allow Eternal Crusade to begin its own Community Workshop via the Steam Workshop or some other alternative. So that its fans may submit content to help contribute to the game's future development.


Update: A developer has confirmed that the lack of content is not from a lack of content that could be added, but rather a lack of technical artists, game designers, and animators that can integrate a surplus of assets they currently have. While this means the main roadblock is not Games Workshop this does not mean that they are not still a hurdle to be surpassed. Rather it means they are not the source of the current issue with getting a community workshop to work, lack of manpower is. This does not mean the developers are not seeking out a way to allow for a community driven workshop and curation system. If any of you have aptitudes in the above mentioned fields and are willing to volunteer I strongly suggest you contact someone on the dev team and offer your assistance in easing the workload.

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