Helmet or What the Hell, Mate?

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One night, my Doctor brother was late by several hours from Hospital, as a nasty road accident involving 2 students riding bike without helmet hit a truck reported, both in critical condition. Sadly, none of the students survived as they already lost lot of blood and due to major head injuries. Loud cries filled around and Parents have been weeping all through the night. We could feel the great loss and the vacuum it has created in their lives. This is just one, and I'm sure, everyone of us has such a sad experience to share...

Indian Government has been really great in promoting Effects of Smoking/Alcohol Consumption campaigns for years now and Social Media has helped significantly in creating awareness. Now, the request is, please initiate a similar campaign of cautioning to wear helmet/seat belt in social media, entertainment (movies, serials, etc.,) whenever such scenes without helmet or seat belt are screened.

If one's favorite actor on screen is riding without helmet or driving without seat belt, a fan wouldn't hesitate to follow. Few do this, due to lack of understanding of it's importance or consequences. Show-off is another trending reason to such disasters. Accident is bi-directional and it costs lives even if it's opposite person's mistake. On one hand, Govt. comes up with rules & levies heavy fines as penalty to bring discipline and on the other hand, Govt. Central Film board & Indian Broadcast Federation allows broadcasting such scenes even without a caution. This conflict has to be resolved for good. In India, more than 150,000 people are killed each year in traffic accidents and yet, there are people who consider wearing helmet or seat belt only to avoid traffic fines, ignoring the consequences it has on the family. Traffic police departments are promoting safety measures, and they can do only so much. Everyone of us need to join this cause and act responsibly, be it individual or Board. One cannot deny the influence, actors/movies/TV channels has on the society today. They serve millions & have ease of access even to remote areas. This privilege, when considered as a greater responsibility, will benefit the society. If the media play by rules & play these rules, it will be easily & deeply registered in everyone's mind! 

So, Helmet or What the Hell, Mate? Please sign the petition and share this with others to sign, so our voice reaches the concerned authorities. Thanks for being part of it and appreciate your support!