Port No Man's Sky to Nintendo Switch

Port No Man's Sky to Nintendo Switch

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Hello Games have proved love and dedication for their game No Man's Sky, over the last 2 years, they have updated the game massively, turning it into a fully realized experience. They have openly stated that they intend to continue following their vision and have recently taken us, the comunity, a lot into account.

More than ever, people are either getting into No Man's Sky, realizing how far it has gone from launch, or keep coming back update after update. Hello Games are clearly devoted to their community, and they have showed their interest in making it bigger (they announced the port to Xbox One along with the game changing "NEXT" update). So, why not take the next step in this direction, and make a Switch port? 

Why a Switch port? 

  • Expand the fanbase. Nintendo gamers are more open to "artsy" or unconventional games, they would sure welcome No Man's Sky with open arms. Besides, obvious new market opportunities would open. I'm sure Nintendo themselves would love to have NMS on their lineup. 
  • The universe in your pocket. A portion of the current No Man's Sky fanbase would "kill" to be able to play no man's sky on the go (bus, bathroom, on a road trip,...), it's not hard to imagine current players buying a second, handheld, version of the game. No Man's Sky was made "to fly away from home" anyway. 


We understand that this is not an easy process. No Man's Sky heavily relies on CPU power, and the Nintendo Switch is not that powerful on that aspect, but it's certainly capable of amazing things. Surprisingly great ports such as Wolfenstein II, Doom, Skyrim, Warframe or even Cities Skylines come to mind. 

We are however confident that Hello Games could find a way to adapt NMS to the Switch. The game already runs very well (both fps wise and graphically) on a base PS4 oscillating between 30-60 fps (framerate unlocked) and although a switch has - very broadly - a third of the power compared to a PS4, it has less resolution to render; it isn't therefore hard to imagine how a Switch could be able to run NMS on lower graphic settings at 720p 30fps. Those 5 great ports mentioned previously are a statement to the feasibly of such project. We NMS players are all about exploring the universe, we care about NMS beautiful and awe-inspiring art, but it's the core experience of freedom what we truly love, and I'm sure most of us would be glad to "sacrifice" a bit of render quality to get NMS on the go, and traverse the universe with our Switch "beyond any household". 

Hello Games could approach this task in various ways:

  1.  Dedicate a part of the current team to make the port, as they did with Xbox One launch. 
  2. Hire new specialists with switch developing experience to do it
  3. Hire a 3rd party development studio with expertise in porting games to the switch, such as Panic Button (wich did the already mentioned Wolfenstein II and Warframe) to carry the process out, therefore not affecting NMS overall development. 

*We understand that this could easily be a year long process  but we the NMS fanbase have experience with patience. 


Hello Games (or anyone for that matter) if you read this and want me to reconsider something or want to tell me anything, feel free to contact me here or via Twitter [@chaosmonaut]. 


Greetings from a fellow interloper! 



0 personas han firmado. ¡Ayuda a conseguir 200!
Con 200 firmas, es más probable que esta petición aparezca entre las peticiones recomendadas