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Tougher sentences for Animal Cruelty

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My name is Aliyah and I am ten years old.  I live in england and I love my country.  I am a huge animal lover and would like to work with animals when I am older.  I have started this petition with the help of my mum as I am sick of hearing and seeing the horrific animal abuse stories that are happening every day in our country. I have done some research and the stories of pain and suffering that human beings have caused to 1000's of innocent defenceless animals is shocking, these made me cry but also made me feel very angry too when I read that the majority of the people who hurt these animals was not sent to prison or punished properly for their crimes, to me this is giving the message to these people that it is OK to do these things. I want this to change and I want the message to be loud and clear that this is not OK and is wrong - full stop. The animals don't have a voice, but I do and I want to be listened too - I might only be ten years old but I CARE- please help me by signing this petition - I want tougher sentences for animal abuse - suspended sentences for killing and torturing animals is just not good enough, it is very rare from researching animal abuse cases for abusers to receive the maximum penalty of £20,000  and again rare for people to be sent to prison. The maximum amount of time that a person who is cruel to animals is 12 months in prison but they normally have this reduced.  A person who is charged with stealing can be given a maximum sentence of up to 7 years in prison, I am only ten years old but this does not make sense at all, so surely cannot be right and must be changed.

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