An open letter to Helen Hunt #WeNeedToTalk

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An open letter to Helen Hunt
As we write this you are participating as a keynote speaker in a world youth forum, which is being held in one of the most beautiful spots of Egypt, and maybe even in the world, Sharm El Sheikh. We are sure you would enjoy the hospitality you would receive as world renowned actress, the warm weather and the amazing sea. However, we are also sure none of this will convey the reality of what it means for Egyptians to live under military rule. A reality you chose to completely disregard.
As you shake hands with Sisi, smile, take a photo, let history note that you chose to support a dictator responsible for thousands of deaths, arbitrary detentions and disappearances.
This isn't just any forum that you chose to endorse. This is a youth forum with the slogan "We Need To Talk" called for by a dictator who can not stand any form of opposition or real criticism. He jails journalists for doing their jobs, youth for expressing their opinions, writers for writing fiction that violates "public morality", gays for coming out, supporters of LGBTQ for daring to support diversity, and he has blocked more than 400 different websites and media platforms.

There is nothing we can do now that you have chosen to be the celebrity face of Sisi's whitewashing campaign. We are merely writing this letter to say we are here, we are witnesses.
One day a younger generation will be studying our times, they will look back, they will know everything about the massacres and massive human right crimes Sisi is responsible for, and your name - among others- will be there.
Not different from those who supported Pinochet in Chile, you -and people like you- belong in that same chapter in history.




  1. Laila Soueif - Assistant professor, Cairo University
  2. Ghada Shahbender - Human Rights Defender
  3. Mona Seif - Human Rights Defender
  4. Shaimaa Abou ElKheir - Journalist/Human Rights defender
  5. Sara Alsherif - Researcher/journalist
  6. Esraa Abdel Fattah - Journalist
  7. Zeyad Salem - Creative director
  8. Salma Said - Project manager/activist
  9. Basma El Husseiny - Cultural manager
  10. Mahienour El-Massry - lawyer and former political detainee
  11. Aida Seif Eldawla - HR activist
  12. Hend Nafea-Human Rights Defender
  13. Mohamed Zaree - human rights defender
  14. Khaled Dawoud - President of Dostour Party
  15. Azza Soliman - Chairwoman of the board of trustees Cewla
  16. Nora Younis - Journalist
  17. Gamal Eid - Human Rights Lawyer
  18. Ola Shahba
  19. Kholoud Saber Barakat - psychologist and PHD researcher
  20. Mozn Hassan - Executive director Nazra for feminist studies
  21. Dalia Abd Elhameed - Researcher
  22. Dina Wahba - Research Associate, Free University Berlin
  23. Dalia Alfarghal - Human rights activist
  24. Emad Mubarak - Lawyer
  25. Ziad Abdel Tawab - Human Rights Activist
  26. Bahey eldin Hassan - Director of Cairo institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS)
  27. Nourhan hefzy- Reporter
  28. Reda Issa - Accountant
  29. Ahmed Hassan - Peace activist (former political prisoner)
  30. Yasmine Shash - Researcher
  31. Mohammad El-Taher - Human Rights Defender
  32. Zyad Eleleimy - Lawyer
  33. Dalia radwan - Interior Designer
  34. Radwa Medhat - EIPR
  35. Fatma abed - Egyptian citizen
  36. Sara Mohamed - Researcher
  37. Mostafa Youssef - Director
  38. Mohamed Mokhtar- Human Rights Defender
  39. Hossam Elhendy - Egyptian citizen
  40. Ahmed Abdeen - Journalist
  41. Tariq Ismail - Engineer
  42. Hend El Deeb - Employee
  43. Ahmed Moawed - lawyer
  44. Amira Abdelhamid- PhD student
  45. Mohamed Nagy - Researcher
  46. Mustafa Abd el Razik - Journalist
  47. Gehan Shaaban - Digital cultures specialist
  48. Lina El wardani - Journalist
  49. Mohamed ElBaaly - CEO of Sefsafa Publishing
  50. Abdelmoneim Mahmoud - Journalist
  51. Sherif Azer - Human rights activist
  52. Hossam Sarhan - Promo producer
  53. Taher Mokhtar - Medical doctor
  54. Dina Tariq - Journalist
  55. Mohamed Omran - Human rights activist
  56. Eman Abdelmonem -journalist
  57. Salma Hussein- journalist
  58. Abdelrahman Fares - Political activist
  59. Shady ElGhazaly Harb - Activist/Doctor
  60. Safwan Mohamed - Journalist and political activist
  61. Ahmad Abd Allah - Human rights activist
  62. Karim Abdelrady - Human Rights Activist
  63. Ahmed fawzy - Human rights activist
  64. Mohamed Elbaker - Human Rights Lawyer
  65. Mohamed Abdelaziz- Researcher
  66. Doaa mostafa - lawyer
  67. Mohammed Adel - lawyer
  68. Moataz El Fegiery - human rights activist
  69. Jehad Mohamed - Journalist
  70. Abdelrahman Youssef - Journalist
  71. Yasser Elhawary
  72. Nashwa Nasreldeen - Electrical Engineer
  73. Hisham Fadlallah- Urban planning Engineer
  74. Ahmed Taha ibrahim -structure engineer
  75. Sanaa Seif - Video Editor
  76. Soleil gharbieh
  77. Salah Abdel Kader
  78. Ahmed Nazmi
  79. Mohamed Nasr - Project manager
  80. Jolia Bekheet - Free-lance
  81. Hisham fouad Journaliat
  82. Amal Sharaf - English Teacher
  83. Karim Mohammed Elgammal - Engineer/writer
  84. Ranwa youssef- Visual artist
  85. Ahmed Abu Gamil - Secretary of workers committee Bread & Freedom party, Portsaid
  86. Ahmed Bakr - Translator and new editor
  87. Abdurahman katamish - HR and payroll coordinator
  88. Hossam eldein Aly - Engineer -liberal party
  89. Baho baksh - producer
  90. Gameela Ismail-Egyptian politician/TV presenter
  91. Asmaa Mahfouz - political activist
  92. Mohamed Salem - political researcher and member of political Bureau of Egyptian social democratic party
  93. Nour Khalil - Lawyer/Writer
  94. Mohamed Nabil - Member of 6th of April Movement
  95. Mohamed El Gendy - Business development Manager Amazon
  96. Mohamed Anas - Civil Engineer
  97. Kareem Taha - Human rights activist
  98. Hadeel Gamal
  99. Ali Yahia - Psychiatrist
  100. Mahmoud kamal el kelish - Dentist
  101. Hossam Abdel Rahman - Accountant

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