We cannot afford to delay our degrees. No breaks, No delay.

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All Pakistan Universities Students campaign against suspension of online classes.

We are with our HEC system. In this critical condition, we all need to work together to make our things work. Rather than making things more difficult for us. There are alot of students those who are graduating this year and many are on hold. Students are already facing tough time at home thinking about their futures. Due to this current situation, we're already wasting our time. This time is really precious for us, our futures are at risk. We cannot lose our degrees at this time.
Students are facing issues like:

1= Many students have future plans, their new admissions are on hold.

2= Its high time that we should be facing the real world and help our country grow in these poor conditions.

3= Students are psychologically pressurized because of their wastage of time

4= They should be having something on which they can focus. Rather studies or their profession. Nothing should be left in between

5= Many families need their children to help them in their work or growing businesses. Wastage of time is causing them loss.

6= Studying online is better ,Rather than wasting our time by sitting at home 

HEC and other Higher authorities are requested that kindly consider these issues seriously.

All the concerned students have to be united and be the part of this chain and send/post it on all social media platforms.