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Stop the current trial flight routes over Englefield Green

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Have you been wondering why it seems like you're living under a flight path this year? The answer is: you are!


Trial flight routes (which have been happening since the beginning of the year until January 2015) mean that aircraft are taking different paths: westerly departures that were previously flying to the north of Englefield Green are taking a more direct route over the top of the village, it follows that they are lower and louder as a result. 


At our proximity to the airport aircraft have not reached 4000 feet when passing overhead; Englefield Green is at the top of a hill - which means we are more affected by noise than some of the lower-lying villages in the area. 


Englefield Green is bearing the brunt of these new trial routes (see below for more info)!


These new routes continue over Sunninghill, Ascot and Windlesham; Virginia Water; Egham and Thorpe.


If you do not speak up NOW these trial routes could become permanent! SIGN the petition to let Heathrow know the effect these trials are having on the peace and enjoyment of your lives, your homes and gardens and your villages. MOST IMPORTANTLY: pass this on to your family, friends and contacts and get them all to sign and share too.


Further information on the trials can be obtained from There are three new trial routes and Englefield Green is adversely affected BY ALL THREE. The trial routes of concern are Trial route 1 (SOUTHAMPTON), which previously routed in the direction of Windsor, and 3 (MIDHURST) westerly departures: departures from 27L (south) and 27R (north) when following the new L route (which is used on alternate weeks). We are even affected by trial route 2 (COMPTON) as departures from the south runway are routing further south (in the direction of Englefield Green). 


Easterly departures are currently by-passing Englefield Green and passing much further south over Virginia Water and Sunninghill at a higher level. Easterly departures that turn over the village (as per the pre-trial route) would be preferable to westerly departures directly overhead which particularly disturb for reasons given above. 


You can also log ad hoc complaints on 0800 344 844 or or by using the form at 'Log a Noise Enquiry.' 





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