Jersey's before HSC trials or a full refund

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We all know how important Year 12 Jersey's are

They represent the end road for our time at school and most importantly our legacy that we'll leave behind. We've had to put up with a lot of compromises in order to even have our jersey's given to us (no nicknames, ridiculous pricing, no unique designs etc.) but being directly lied to for no good reason is just ridiculous. When a large majority of people in the year don't even want to deal with the hassle of getting one, then this speaks volumes about what the school sees as "tradition" for these symbolic mementos.

At this rate the HSC boys will only have their jersey's to wear for a few weeks at the end of term, and it's largely the same story for the IB boys. I put forward that we sign this petition in order to get the jersey's we paid for. What's sad is that it's too late for most people in our year, but the signatures we'll get are not only for this year, but to send a message to those who can make a difference for future years. Don't repeat history, and make a difference in actually gratifying the boys who reach the end of this important chapter of their lives.