Setup MND clinics to help ~25k Indian suffering from painful & incurable MND every yr.

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I)What is MND/ALS:

MOTOR NUERON DISEASE (MND) also referred as ALS(Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is   painful and incurable  neuro degenerative disease.

Every yr  ~ 25,000 indians (3 per lac) are effected with MND/ALS.

It weakens all muscles in body - Arms, legs, mouth, troat and respiratory system.
Eventually person losses ability to  walk, talk, eat and lastly breathe.

On an average person lives 3-5 yrs post daigonosis. Proper care & guidance can  improve quality of life

It requires heavy medical expenses of around 6 lacs p.a on ventilator, medicines  and nursing care.

II)Challenges/problems for MND patients in India:
A)Lack of proper medical information & care:
In India an MND patients struggles with availablity of medical information and  guidance ,running from one doctor to other yet puzzled with how to cope with this disease.

B) Heavy medical expenses associated with life support aids and medicines.

With speech , mobility and breathing being effected MND patients are dependent on costly life support aids like Ventilator , speech synthesiser , peg tube feeding etc.

III) Demand/ Request from Health Ministry:
A) Setup MND/ALS clinics in major cities across India. Likes followed in other countries

A clinic where services of All Medical professionals is available under 1 roof. (Nuerologist, physiotherapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist , gastroenterology etc) .

Periodic check-ups are done and proper guidance given to MND patients  to help improve quality of life.

B)Easy  Availablity of life support Aids and medicines at  affordable costs.