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Easy Ways To Boost Good Gut Bacteria

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Having gut problems can be quite uncomfortable. Most of us know the bad feeling one gets when having stomach problems or constipating. A good day may end up being ruined with these complications. Good gut bacteria enables one to stay away from these uncomfortable situations. Now comes the question, how does having good gut bacteria ensure one is protected from gut problems?

One of gut’s functions in our body is to assist in good digestion. Within the gut there are bacteria that produce substances (hormones) which are very useful for ensuring proper functioning of the body. One of those hormones is serotonin. With enough good gut bacteria level, a significant amount of this hormone can be produced. Serotonin is considered a mood stabilizer and does this by sending messages to the brain about your mood. When there is sufficient production of serotonin, chances of having bad moods becomes minimal. It becomes our task to ensure good gut bacteria count to enable sufficient serotonin production.

So how can we ensure good gut bacteria count is achieved? Or rather, how can we boost good gut bacteria? By now we have already known the importance of good gut bacteria. There are different easy ways to ensure that good gut bacteria count is sufficient at all times. Most of them are about changing our food habit and they entail having the following in our diet; fiber enriched food, dark chocolates, miso soup, sauerkraut and soy yogurt.

Fiber enriched Foods

Fiber enriched foods are very important in our diet. Most people don’t know how important they are and may just ignore them until they are faced with constipation. You will hear the doctor advising you to have more of fiber enriched foods to prevent constipation. These foods boost good gut bacteria count and we should try to accommodate them in our diet no matter how hard it is to change our food habits. Fiber enriched foods include vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, celery or peas. Some types of fruits can also be good sources of fiber.

Dark chocolates

Eating dark chocolates can boost good gut bacteria count. Dark chocolates are different from regular chocolates sold in the market as the regular ones don’t possess the capabilities. Those found in the market have high sugar content and be harmful when eaten in large quantities. Nevertheless, dark chocolates should also be eaten moderately. Dark chocolates are important in ensuring proper balance in good gut bacteria level. They are considered good mood enhancer so one can take a bite when feeling down.

Miso soup

It is a Japanese traditional soup that can be prepared from sweet potatoes, barley, brown rice or fermented soybean. Miso soup can act as a good source of bacteria thus ensuring sufficient count of good gut bacteria. It also provides other nutrients that are important to our body. It can be easily and quickly prepared so long as you have sweet potatoes, carrots and miso by simply chopping some carrots together with sweet potatoes and then boiling them with miso. In addition to that, miso soup can be used as an additive in sauce, salads or condiments.


Sauerkraut can be added to your diet as it enhances good gut bacteria in the body. Apart from boosting good bacteria count, sauerkraut also protects our bodies against harmful bacteria thus ensuring good health. There are different cuisines in which sauerkraut can be cooked but mostly the Korean style is used (a lot of vegetables added when cooking). This food can be eaten with burger or rather without anything which is also quite okay.

Soy Yogurt

Most of us go for the dairy yogurt which at times may contain some harmful bacteria. Taking soy yogurt can be an easy way of boosting good gut bacteria count in our bodies. Incorporating soy yogurt in your diet can help prevent bloating which is quite uncomfortable.

Mostly we have talked about trying to change our food habits in order to boost good gut bacteria. To compliment on these it will be important to know about things that can cause reduction of good gut bacteria. One of these things is antibiotics. Not that it is bad to take them, but one should try to avoid them unless it is necessary. Antibiotics work against good gut bacteria and they can increase the production of harmful bacteria i.e. those that cause infections.

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