John Hampden Grammar School - stop your expansion plans

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We the undersigned call on John Hampden Grammar School to stop their expansion plans, and on Damian Hinds MP to reject their bid to the Selective Schools Expansion Fund.

We are concerned that:

  • John Hampden have a consistently poor record on improving access for disadvantaged children, and have failed to put forward any plans to remedy this record. (Just 4% of their children receive Pupil Premium, compared to 37% of children at the secondary school one mile down the road.)
  • John Hampden have not taken into account the impact that their expansion plans will have on nearby schools, reducing the academic and social diversity of those schools.
  • John Hampden are not oversubscribed from the local community, but give one quarter of their Year 7 places each year to children living neither in Bucks nor in their catchment area. (Last year, they allocated 38 Year 7 places to children living in Windsor and Maidenhead. Therefore the majority of the proposed new places will NOT be for local children but go to children in the Prime Minister's constituency.)

We therefore call on John Hampden to:

  • Demonstrate that they care about the education of ALL local children by abandoning their expansion plans.
  • Set a target of ensuring that within two years their school profile reflects the community that they are supposed to serve, in particular in terms of disadvantaged children.