Stop the closure of Tamara's shelter

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To whom it may concern,
It has come to our attention as supporters of Tamara Zlatanovic and her Animal protection Society Zaza that the newly constructed shelter at her home residence in the village of Lepaja, county Merosina is under threat and action is planned to destroy the building work achieved so far, preventing her from keeping her rescued dogs at this location. 

We believe this action is a direct result of complaints from a handful of local village residents and a very low concern by county officials for animal welfare in that area. 

Serbia has an Animal welfare Law which has been in place since 2009 and states every county must take care of its abandoned animals, however the county of Merosina hasn’t taken any welfare action in 10 years. It appears that now someone is licenced and able to provide the dogs with free shelter, problems and threats are made to this person.

Tamara contacted the County Councillor Sasa Jovanovic, however he wasn't in his office, so she left her contact number with his secretary, She has never been contacted back so this can be discussed to find the best solution for all involved. 

This leads us to believe there is little concern for Serbia’s abandoned animals.
Tamara was also told by two inspectors that the County will give their budget to whichever company can take care of the animals even if not licenced (which Tamara is) - which is very irresponsible for a county that represents itself as a leading progressive nation alongside their European counterparts.

As supporters of Tamara and her shelter, we would like the following to be recognised:

1. Tamara is the first rescuer in Niš to have a licence for running a shelter

2. Tamara runs a registered society

3. Serbia and especially region of Merosina will benefit from the investment made by International and European supporters and by additional tourism in the light of an officially registered and licenced shelter.

The fair and ethical treatment of stray dogs is a subject which is receiving attention on a global scale and holds the interest of many important and influential people within Europe and beyond. We understood that it was the duty of Serbia and its people, as a progressive country, to responsibly and ethically manage the stray dog situation and support licenced rescue activity.

We hope that, in light of this, the region of Merosina will support Tamara in her mission to run a licenced and professional shelter for dogs, which supplies all amenities she and the animals require to sustain a safe and secure home with electricity and water. 
We ask you maintain Serbia’s reputation as a country of integrity and cultural interest by supporting this shelter and the investments made by such a broad audience. 

We will not rest until we can ensure the safety of these dogs.