He killed both our parents. He was found Not Guilty for Murder and may inherit the Estate.

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My brother, shot and killed both our parents on December 3rd 2014. Both parents died instantly.He was found "Not Guilty for Murder by reason of Mental Illness".  He remains in prison "indefinitely" however has no criminal record. He even signed a legal document admitting to killing both Mum and Dad and admitted to being "relieved".  

I would like the wording changed to "Guilty to Murder by reason of Mental Illness" and a criminal offence recorded.

Due to this sentencing he is entitled to 50% of Mum and Dad's Estate.  I have to fight this in the Supreme Court.  This is so wrong and so unfair. One should not be able to kill and then inherit.  I would like the law changed that the likes of my brother must sign a document at the time of sentencing terminating their rights as a beneficiary on the victim's will.

These laws need to change.  Please sign this petition and help me change these laws.  I'm getting tired of fighting.