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The likely final update

Dylan D.
Fort Worth, TX, United States

May 29, 2019 — 

This will more than likely be my final update to the petition, unless news worth sharing comes to my attention. It is unsurprising that I have still not been contacted by HBO or any representative regarding this whole thing. I’d call it disrespectful if I didn’t mind being labelled as entitled, so I will instead use the word that encapsulates our feelings towards this entire ordeal: disappointing.

I’ve taken the liberty to have some fun with this and wrote up a pretend public relations statement from HBO that they could have sent by now as a brief message to myself and all of us. Please note: this is not a real letter from HBO. Once more for those that like to skim: the following is not a real statement from HBO.



Dear Dylan,

We at HBO want to first off thank you and all the petition-signers for sharing your passion for Game of Thrones. It is truly wondrous how a devoted, global community can form over one of our beloved shows and we are extremely grateful. We have not been quiet about this petition due to ignorance or apathy, but merely patience to find the right time and the proper words.

We sell stories and pride ourselves on decades of quality storytelling, so we also understand that when a story you love comes to an end it can leave your heart in a conflicted place. It is rare for everyone to be left happy with an ending, but we have noted the magnitude of disappointment shared by this community over Game of Thrones. For over 8 years, our teams at HBO have poured their souls into this series and have mirrored your passions for the epic story all the way to the end. While it is not feasible for us to remake the final season of Game of Thrones, as this petition requests, we assure you that this same passion will be reflected in all our ongoing and future projects and the community response to Game of Thrones has further inspired our hardworking teams.

We hope to see all Game of Thrones fans channel their fervor into our upcoming tales from Westeros and beyond!

With admiration and respect,

Lord High Emperor of Home Box Office, Inc.


P.S. Dylan, we have reached out to our pals at Disney and convinced them to let you help produce the next wave of Star Wars movies. So May The Force Be With You!



I’m just kidding about the post-script. A final reminder that the letter above is not real, merely whimsy.

I want to thank all of you supporters once more. As it is, this petition stands among the most-signed ever in this site’s history! It really did bring a large, ardent community together in a way that I’ve never seen before and I’m glad that I was able to adequately represent most of you during this whole endeavor, even despite some media misrepresentation, Hollywood discontent, and general online hate. Your support largely outweighed the backlash. I will keep in touch with the people in case someone tries to contact me, but in the meantime I will return to being a normal nerd.

I’d like to once again draw your attention towards the fundraiser for Emilia Clarke’s charity. It really is a great cause. There are other noble charities in the link as well.

More information on SameYou:

And finally, one last link to share. I’ve put this at the bottom because it is not related to Game of Thrones specifically, and not everyone that signed this petition will feel the same way about this topic. The following is a link to a petition (not one I made) to remove D&D from the future Star Wars projects. There are a few such petitions rolling around, I just picked one that was similar to my own in its simplicity. If you agree with my petition’s sentiment on how they handled the story of Thrones, I’d ask that you think about how Star Wars, another beloved set of stories, may possibly be treated.

Thank you all again.

Valar Morghulis



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