Let's Stop The Aussie Gov From Taxing Funds Raised To Help Our Struggling Farmers NOW!!!!!

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To my fellow Aussies,

I have started this petition to show "our" Aussie Government, that us as the every day Australians DO NOT at all agree with the fact that the Government think that it's ok for them to be classifying a huge percentage of funds raised as INCOME TAX (meant for our poor Aussie Farmers who are struggling to survive).

Our Aussie farmers are struggling to get by each and every single day to not only find and source feed for their cattle etc but to also cover the utility bills (power bills, fuel etc) along with this, they are also struggling to put food on the table and clothe on their backs for the OWN families.

So to then have a huge percentage of the funds (that every day Aussies they themselves are raising) classified as income tax is a huge big kick in the guts. What this Government is doing, Not only is it so out of touch and extremely heartless but its also UNAUSTRALIAN.

I personally strongly believe that ANY funds raised, whether it be for our poor struggling farmers or other causes whether it be medical or otherwise, ANY funds raised for the cause at hand SHOULD NOT BE CLASSIFIED AS INCOME TAX. I strongly believe that ALL MONIES RAISED FOR OUR struggling Aussie Farmers (or otherwise) should be given to them, their cause, 100% IN FULL.

So guys, my fellow Aussies, lets show this "Aussie Government" that we DO NOT AT ALL agree with their stupid decision to classify monies/funds raised (a percentage thereof) for OUR AUSSIE FARMERS as INCOME TAX.


Kind Regards,


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