Save the Craggy Range Walking Track!

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The new Craggy Range track and the Peabody family have been vilified which they don't deserve and to remove the track will create a bigger scar. This is a push-back against those who have signed a petition to remove the track and to stand up for what is right. We are better than this!

The track should NOT be "removed". To bring the soil back will not "fix it". 

Surely we can see common sense and leave it there!

1. This TEMPORARY scar in the landscape will hardly be visible in several months time... so is NO DIFFERENT than someone setting the landscape of the Peak on fire which happens almost every year (no one cries about that!). Fences have been put up around the track to keep stock out. The grass will grow long and you won't notice the track.  Was there an uproar years ago when they decided to put a road up to the top?  
2. Technically he owns the land... do you like people telling you to do with yours??? What's next?
3. He's paid a HUGE amount of money so the COMMUNITY and anyone who wishes to can come and enjoy it. It's not just for him...or just his family... or the elite... it's for EVERYBODY!! The ungrateful attitude of people towards a kind and generous man who is opening up his private land and who wanted to be able to create something for everyone to experience on THIS side of the peak should be applauded. There was a total amount of ZERO tracks on the Craggy Range side until now. Sure, there are tracks on the town side but not on this side.  He's opening up access so those who want to be even closer to their land CAN BE!
4. It's DOUBLE STANDARDS and hypocritical to create an uproar about a track that soon won't be seen, yet not worry at all about the HUGE quantities of houses creeping up the peak on the town side? Mansions creep up the peak and no one minds yet you slam someone for making a community walking track on a side that most barely see. Hypocritical and unfair.

Leave it alone; leave them alone; look to the future and the benefits of encouraging people to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, and let's see common sense and move on.  How about a thank you to the Peabody's instead?