Youth mental health unit needed urgently in Hawkes Bay

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I have been battling depression and anxiety for over a year now and I think it's time to make an improvement with the mental health system. I want there to be a mental health unit in Hawkes Bay for youth teens who are suffering depression, anxiety, anorexia, etc, so they can be cared for and looked after, we rely too much on the facility in Wellington, 'Rangatahi' and I believe it is time we open up one ourselves. I am aware that we have a facility in Hastings called Emerge but this is not a safe enough environment and you are able to leave at your own choice as there is not 24 hour security. We seem to be able to open plenty of commercial buildings so why can't we able to build a unit for others in desperate need of help, the suicide youth numbers in Hawkes Bay are increasing too fast and we are all struggling to find the right help. Hawkes Bay lifeline call rate has increased by a third in the last year. By having this unit it will be highly beneficial for our community and will help teenagers get the right help and take away a lot of pressure for the parents so they don't have to make so many trips to Wellington and back, we need to think about the parents and caregivers as well, it builds up so much stress on them and effects their work and social life, this will make their lives to much easier. I'm willing to make a change and will do anything to make this idea happen, this may include a lot of expensive costs but what is more important, money or saving lives? Please sign this petition as I really want to help young teenagers who are suffering just like I did. Thank you.