Help Save The Pets of Hawk Cove, Texas!

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The small Texas town of Hawk Cove has a limit of three dogs and/or cats per household, an ordinance we were not made aware of until we had lived here for over a year and a half, as we believed we lived outside city limits. When we moved here we had four dogs and had gained another not long after. If we had known about the limit prior to our move we never would have considered coming to this town. But we were here and moving out was no longer an option. When my family and I went up to city hall to fight the citation we received for being over the allowed pet limit we were told by the Chief of Police that since Hawk Cove didn’t have any form of animal control that there wasn’t much they could do, and to get our dogs registered with the city and we could keep them. So we did just that and thought no more of it.

 Now, three years later, we received another citation from the city for being over the pet limit. A citation for the same dogs we were told we could keep. Dogs that have been members of our family and have lived in this household for nearly five years. Now they want us to choose two to remove from our home or face some serious fines. These dogs are not property to us. This is not like choosing what color to paint the outside of our house, or which tree to trim down. These are members of our family. Companions we have grown to love and care for. To us, choosing which two to lose is like choosing which child to give up.

 We’re not the only ones the city is targeting. Several of the town’s residents have over the legal amount of pets city hall allows. So my family and I want to propose a change to the City of Hawk Cove’s pet ordinance, one that we hope will be beneficial to all parties involved. Hawk Cove is in debt. Roads have long gone un-repaired and maintaining the town’s waste management plant and lift stations are draining the budget dry. Currently, registering your pets with the city is free. While that is helpful in a town such as ours, which is made up of lower-income homes, it doesn’t help fix the debt situation we’re in. We would like to propose that Hawk Cove charge a small fee for registration and add a multiple pet permit to their city ordinance as many other Texas towns have. A fee could be charged for each additional pet over the town’s limit. The money obtained from these fees could then go towards paying for some of the town’s needs, such as lift station maintenance and road repair.

We would like to find a way to keep our fur babies legally, and perhaps help our little town in the process. Please sign and show your support.