Support the Paia Bypass along Sunnyside Road to Maliko Gulch!

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We the people of Maui support the following Paia Relief Route using existing roads: Kala-Sunnyside-Paia Mill Rd crossing Baldwin Ave to Lower Hamakuapoko Rd to Maliko Gulch where it rejoins Hana Hwy. We will never support the DOT-proposed route from Baldwin Beach through Poni Place that would destroy forever the quality of life on Maui's north shore.


The SSFM and DOT-proposed Paia Relief Route would run from Baldwin Beach through the 339 acres purchased in Dec 2016 by EC Paia, LLC, across Baldwin Ave at Poni Place then pass 630 feet upwind of Kuau Bayview and even closer to Kuau before dumping all the traffic at Hookipa Beach Park. This route does not bypass Paia, it goes right through the middle of the second most populated residential area of Paia. At least one house would be demolished and the homes on Poni Place would literally have a highway three feet from their one-lane little road. 100% of those homes have young children whose lives would be endangered. None of these people were even informed. Then the highway passes way too close to Makana Park and Kuau Bayview. It would destroy the quality of life for Kuau Bayview with noise, air, and light pollution.  The rural upcountry view we love so much would vanish.  Trucks would all be diverted to this road so we would be breathing fumes constantly because of the trade winds. The people who live on the north shore of Maui chose to live there because it was rural and healthy, quiet and beautiful. The DOT-proposed route needlessly destroys multiple neighborhoods and eminent-domains its way though people's lives without even solving the traffic problem.

Literally everyone wants the Sunnyside Road route comprised of existing roads that would not infringe on any neighborhoods. Sunnyside Road would be a long-term solution that would preserve the character of the north shore and actually solve the problem. It is a beautiful road through the former cane fields that would be a joy to drive for residents and tourists alike. Please help save the north shore of Maui by supporting the Sunnyside Road to Maliko Gulch route!  Mahalo!