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Have third parties represented in the 2016 Presidential election debates.

Millions of voters get their information about the presidential candidates by watching the debates.

As it stands right now the Commission on Presidential Debates was established by Democratic and Republican parties - they have kept third parties out while the people of this country want them in. Please sign the petition and have your voice heard.

Both Democrats and Republicans intentionally ignore the deep problems and corruption facing our government out of deference to the financial elites that keep them in power. Citizens United being passed with both parties at the helm was a huge red flag that our democracy is being eroded by both parties.

Because our electoral system is created to favor a two party system, both parties can remain silent as the concerns of average Americans continue to be ignored and worsen with time. In the last elections you heard nothing about the deepening poverty issue in America...yet U.S is 2nd only to Romania in child poverty. And over 100 Million Americans are on a food assitance program.

Historically,  third-party candidates have forced those who can win to address issues of critical importance to the electorate when they would rather avoid them. It's time for the Presidential candidates to start addressing the concerns of the American people directly or make space for those with the courage to do so.

Please tell the Commission on Presidential Debates and the Citizens Debate Commission either allow third party candidates in all presidential debates or no longer exist as a platform in elections. The people of this country will create a new and more legitimate model for debates...choice is the only answer. And we leave it up to the way it is today -we will never get better choices with better solutions for this country. Please sign the petition and help create a new model for debates that serve the people.

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