Stop housing development on Hayling Island until an infrastructure plan is agreed

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This petition is to stop all housing development on Hayling Island until the promised infrastructure review is completed and a plan has been implemented to ensure the island facilities are upgraded to match any proposed housing plans.

Please support this petition to prevent:

  • A change of lifestyle due to over-population of the Island
  • Increased congestion of the main road on/off the Island
  • Further degradation to the emergency services' response time, which is already the worst in the whole of Hampshire
  • Additional strain on the local health, education, services and utilities (capacity unknown)


Hayling Island is a small T-shaped island off the south coast of Hampshire, 5 miles long and 1.2 miles wide.  The Island is mostly below sea level and is a wildlife haven, especially for birds.

The population is approximately 17,000, many of whom work off the Island and travel via the single lane carriageway bridge to the mainland … the bridge also carries the Island’s essential services.

The Blue Flag beach, with public access along its five mile length, and enhanced by Hayling’s microclimate and excellent surf, is truly unique and attracts many visitors and watersport enthusiasts from all over country for events such as Richard Branson’s Kitesurfing Armada.  The North of the Island is high quality farmland utilised for crops and dairy products.  Hayling also boasts one of the top 100 golf courses in England, Hayling Golf Club, a seaside railway, a funfair, a WWII Heritage Trail and seaside walks.  

There has never been an Infrastructure Review or Plan for this mainly rural island, and the Council’s constant approval of brownfield site development has, over time, put the essential services and facilities at high risk of overload. 

The current plan to add over 900 new homes to this small community will stretch the essential services beyond breaking point:

  • The single access road is close to saturation
  • The flood risk designation on both sides of the Island is 'High', and the west coast, with its historic Oyster Beds and the 6-mile Hayling Billy Cycle Trail, is designated as ‘non-intervention for coastal erosion’
  • Emergency service response to Hayling Island is already the highest in Hampshire and can only get worse

We need to recognise that Hayling Island is unique in these respects, given the number of struggling Holiday/Entertainment locations which still exist.

I know we have all been encouraged to focus on the greenfield 550 housing unit increase, but the facts are different.  The response to my Freedom of Information Act request for housing numbers since 2013 (the Council do not publish the numbers for Hayling Island) also provided the following.  Current plans are:

2016 approvals               228

Elm Grove                         14

Beachlands                     125    (not approved yet)

Rook Farm                      350

Station Road                   161  

     Sub Total                    878 units  

If we add current windfall in process:

Pullingers                          30

Hayling Billy                      30

     Total                            938 units
We know that “change of use” conversion (windfall) will continue to add to this number.

The Local Council promised in 2012 to review the Infrastructure Requirements of the Island, but have not done so, and have no plans to do so.

It cannot be right by any norms of justice that this small island community be subsumed into the Council’s urban spread, just because they can and they see the Central Government as their customer rather than the community they are required to respect and protect. 

Please support our campaign in any way you can.

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