Stop boy racers from destroying Flaxmere

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For many years now boy racers have been driving extremely dangerously and "drifting" in Hastings, New Zealand, especially in the residential neighbourhoods of the suburb Flaxmere where I live.  We had 2 accidents within one week.  One 15 year old stole his brothers car and smashed it into my neighbour's fence knocking a huge container forward damaging expensive belongings inside it, nearly killing his passenger who did not have his seatbelt on.  Another one skidded off the road, across my neighbours lawn, smashing through our shared fence, hit my flatmate's car and smashed it into my house, knocking out gas bottles and causing extensive damage to my house.  The driver sustained injuries to his shoulder but he and another male ran away, leaving a female passenger alone. 

We also have kids in their early teens, riding motorbikes over the local parks, without helmets and creating havoc.  One rider unfortunately died on the back streets earlier this year (2018), as he was riding on the footpath without a helmet and crashed into a van at a T intersection.  Some of these guys are gang members and are a danger unto themselves and others.

We need a constructive solution.  The NZ Police and the local Council need to put cameras and signs up with instant fines to deter these guys from driving dangerously around houses and people, to potentially save lives.  They and their families also need to be educated on the value of life and the dangers of this kind of driving.  A track could also be built for them to go out to for free.

I care because I don't want anyone else's property to be damaged, or worse, any more lives lost.

Please sign this petition to create change.  I will take these signatures to the Police and the Mayor of Hastings.

Thank you very much.

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