We want Hasbro to create a Jar Jar Binks 6 inch Black Series Figure. #BRINGJARJARBLACK

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This is a very simple problem and the solution will result in many happy fans and even happier Hasbro investors. (as well as a redemption of the poor Gungan Race)


Our Insight: Many fans love to hate the poor Star Wars character called Jar Jar Binks. His role, although small, was an interesting and pivotal point in the Star Wars universe's character development. Thus we feel the Star Wars Black Series has not portrayed the characters from Episode 1 - 3 in their full glory. To any collector, even if JJB is hated, is still an essential figure to have up on the shelf linked to many movie memories. 

As wikipedia states: "Jar Jar's primary role in Episode I was to provide comic relief for the audience. He was met with an overwhelmingly negative reception from both critics and audiences, and is recognised as one of the most hated characters in Star Wars and the history of film in general."

Our Goal: In 2019 that Hasbro launch Jar Jar Binks as a Black Series 6 inch figure, to include "stolen food" and "sling and booma" as accessories. We hope that in the next wave the brave Captain Tarpals will also grace the Toy shelves as an important side Star Wars Character.