That the franchise Of The Power Rangers be Broadcast on Cartoon Network

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Nowadays, the Power Rangers unfortunately are in chaos in their transmission and Popularity. Because of the Nickelodeon Television Chain Blame, this chain causes a big problem in the transmission of the Power Rangers franchise. Broadcasting Only 20 Episodes per Year. Causing the Power Rangers to have two Seasons, The Normal and The Super, and makes the Franchise Far Away from the Super Sentai Seasons, Fortunately, this can be fixed. Since Hasbro is the new owner of the franchise, Hasbro can make the Power Rangers franchise change from Nickelodeon to Cartoon Network. This would be of great help to the Power Rangers; since the Cartoon Network channel is currently one of the most watched channels in the world thanks to its programming, This Series So that The Channel, Can Grant a Space in its Programming to the Power Rangers, Giving Good Schedule and Promotions for each Season New to be released, and possibly also for the Cartoon Network.Boomerang Brother Channel, can broadcast the classic seasons of the franchise. This could solve the problem of Seasonal Divisions, and of only having 20 Episodes of The Power Rangers per Year, would be a great help for the franchise, since it would increase its popularity, and its ratings, for the Power Rangers franchise. Strengthen and move towards a better future.