That the franchise Of The Power Rangers be Broadcast on Cartoon Network

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Today, the Power Rangers are unfortunately in chaos in their transmission and popularity. Due to the fault of the Nickelodeon chain, this chain causes a big problem in the transmission of the Power Rangers franchise. Dividing in two season, normal and Super, and that makes the francicia is far from the seasons of the Super Sentai, because the Nickelodeon Channel only air 20 episodes per year,. Normal and Super, .This is Causes a Hatred in the fans, who sees them. causing a big drop in The Franchise. Fortunately, this can be fixed. Since Hasbro is the new owner of the franchise, .Hasbro can make the idea of ​​changing the franchise from Nickelodeon to Cartoon Network. This would be a great help for the Power Rangers; Given that the Cartoon Network channel is currently one of the most watched channels in the world thanks to its programming, so they could grant a space to the franchise, to be able to be transmitted,. this could solve the problem of the Super Seasons, the delay in the Sentai and The Long Wait for episode releases. , and would increase its popularity for The Power Rangers Franchise to Strengthen and Advance Towards a Better Future