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Stop censorship at Wizards of the Coast boycott Hasbro #nohasbro

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Wizards has recently been involved in disputes between private citizens on YouTube and Twitter. Wotc involvement had resulted in the indefinite banning of Jeremy at Unsleeved media over, at best, rude comments. This is an attack on free speech and Jeremy's livelihood.

A game that we all love is attempting to control our tone and speech outside of their domain, outside of organized game play, outside of their online platforms. This it's a massive overreach and we need to let them know we won't stand for it.

We demand first that Jeremy be reinstated or, at the very least, be given an actual defined suspension. Second that Wizards stay out of the lives of their customers when they are not using their platforms.


To this end I would call for a boycott of all Hasbro products until such time Wizards addresses this.

Here is a list of Hasbro subsidiaries:

Avalon Hill
Boulder Media Limited
Claster Television
Discovery Family
Hasbro Interactive
Hasbro Studios
Kenner Products
Milton Bradley Company
Parker Brothers
Selchow and Righter
Tiger Electronics

-Tonka brands
Bathing Beauties
Pound Puppies
Rock Lords
Spiral Zone
Star Fairies
Steel Monsters

Wizards of the Coast

Many of us are customers not only for ourselves but for the children in our lives and by not buying for ourselves or those children we can force a change. Wizards can try to silence people but they can't silence our money. Say #nohasbro until this situation is corrected

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