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Save our MTG events!

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We have been working with Wizards Europe for around 2 years now, creating a close bond between ourselves and our rep there, Joe Churcher. Joe took good care of us and helped us to grow. Fast.

Within a few months of working with Joe we had expanded and to provide our players with a better atmosphere, food and drinks we plowed our funds into a new facility, a café joined on to a bar. It was delightful, and our player base grew.

Although we were just a small time business in Shirebrook, players came from Nottingham, Retford, Chesterfield and other locations where they had closer venues, but loved ours more. We grew and grew and eventually had to grow somewhere bigger instead.

We plowed our funds into a new place, with constant hot food, it's own bar, central heating and a big double glazed windows to catch the morning sun. A beer garden, a nature trail and stacks of parking. And we grew, having our biggest ever events. Then Joe left.

In his place came Robert Dunbar. And our first impression of our new rep, Mr Dunbar? Bad. He took away our events.

We moved to a place which detracted from miniatures games to fully support our Magic The Gathering players and further our relationship with Wizards Europe. And Mr Dunbar took away our events. Why?

Because by giving our players a luxurious environment in which they could meet, socialize, play, shop, eat, drink and chill out, we had strayed too far from being a "retail environment".

My wife and I put all of our money into creating this environment for our Magic The Gathering players and this is how Magic's creators treated us. My son, Daniel and I put endless hours of work into creating events for our Magic The Gathering players and this is how Magic's creators treated us. They took it away.

Our community of over 100 players has now lost the new environment we have created for them. I have lost my job and my kids have lost the business they were to inherit. My wife, who has provided a great deal of support in many ways for this project, may never now reap the benefits of it.

In short Mr Dunbar, Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro UK, give us back our events for the sake of the players and for my family. We have just given you everything we have and you have now left us without a business and financially crippled.

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