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Make Equestria Girls into a TV Show

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With the major success of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic over the past many years, the fast growth of sales Hasbro has been making in their product line, and the major amount of feedback they have been getting with the view ratios of their show, and how well receive the Equestria Girls series has been getting since its debut in 2013. It's our chance to have our voices heard.

When Equestria Girls first came out, a lot of bronies, and even a lot of the younger demographic who watch the series as a whole questioned why Equestria Girls has been made. When it was first announce this movie was going to be made in 2013, we all thought it was going to be horrible; we were wrong.

Over the past few years, it has becoming a success with three sequels, Two shorts, comics, and Tv Specials. However, with the help of this petition and every signature, we can direct this petition to not only Hasbro, but to the cast, crew, and directors to finally make Equestria Girls Tv Show a reality.

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