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Keep the Original Voice Cast for Rescue Bots Academy!

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Rescue Bots is now the longest running Transformers Show. Even after the original series!

Us fans have been waiting for a year now to hear the news on what is to happen with the Rescue Bots show. Well, we got our update: and it's not good news.

They've decided to recast all voice roles for the spin-off series : Rescue Bots Academy.

Some may say, "oh the demographic this is aimed at won't care". While that could be true to an extent, kids can be smarter than they look. Rescue Bots also has a very active fanbase, which I myself, an 18 year old, am a part of.

We have all fallen in love with the Rescue Bots characters along with the voices behind them.

What's worse is, the voice actors didn't voluntarily quit: they were simply told they would be hiring new "non-union" actors in New York.

And to not bring back Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime?! While it isn't the first time he hasn't lent his voice ( i.e. Beast Wars, Transformers Animated) it certainly seems silly to change it now. His voice is iconic, and kids will notice just as much as we will.

That had to be very tough on the current voice actors, as they love the show just as much as the fans.

Will this petition actually change anything? Maybe not. But it's time we make our voice heard in the Transformers community! Just because the show is aimed at a toddler group, does not mean we cannot be passionate about it, just like the rest of the Transformers series out there.

Let Hasbro Studios hear your voice, loud and proud: We want our Rescue Bots back.

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