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Hasbro Inc.: Reverse your decision on making Twilight Sparkle an Alicorn princess

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Dear Mr. Goldner,

On January 29th, 2013, you announced that you were making Twilight Sparkle, one of the main leads in your show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic an alicorn princess. Between then and the season finale, there was an immediate rift in the brony community. As you may know, the bronies are a fanbase community of adults between the ages of 18 and 30 who fell in love with the shows humor, strong characters, spectacular animation, and good relations with the showrunners. But now your decision to inject more toy-related plots, without consulting the fans, has threaten not only to destroy all that show creator Lauren Faust had hoped to do, but also could potentially destroy one of the few good things to come out of the internet since the Arab Spring. Even after the episode "Magical Mystery Cure" had aired, the brony is still divided and unless some drastic action is taken, we could see a civil-war that could annihilate the artists, musicians, and writers, who have been inspired by your show to create fantastic pieces of work. Now I want to get a little personal here. I like Twilight Sparkle because she is like me. An anti-social bookworm who eventually learned how to make friends. Her becoming an alicorn princess seems to me (and others) that this is totally out of character for her to become. I know you have to sell toys, but your decision is slowly turning into a repeat of Optimus Prime's death in 1986. Since I saw the episode, I can't get Alicorn Twilight out of my head and because of that, I can't enjoy the things I like, I have skipped dinner a few times since I saw the episode, I have a real lack of energy, my heart won't stop palpitating, I get chills, I have feelings of hopelessness, I might have full-blown depression because of your reckless decision. So here is what I would like from you Hasbro. I have prepared a list of options of what you can do that would please me and many others.

1. Make Twilight's transformation temporary (If you are planning on doing this, then disregard this petition)
2. Allow the comic book series by IDW to set up a different continuity then what would be presented in the show. That way you appease both parties.
3. Hold a joint press-conference between yourself and Studio DHX to answer questions by the fans regarding the future of the show.

I strongly suggest that you will follow some of these suggestions that I have presented to you. It's not too late to reverse your decision. Granted you may lose some money in the process, but if you really needed our money, why don't you just make more brony-related material instead if fixing something that isn't broken. We bronies do have more money to spend then little girls who rely on their parent’s money. We are willing to spend any reasonable amount for you to follow our simple demands. The choice is yours.

Eric K. Helgeson

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