FlutterDash - A kind way to be loyal to your freedom!

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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic has been almost a decade since its inception, and with it, a large number of admirers who continue to add and set trends worldwide. A very nice and outstanding public.

On that great fans was born such an important community, that nowadays dreams of seeing two of his most beloved characters being really in liaison; in union and to give a new way of accepting differences, like well the serie shows to make guys and adults fanatics. We reference those people who want to appreciate a new achievement and it is to see Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash finally a pagasi couple.

FlutterDash hasn't only been considered a "Shipping", but a symbol of unity for all of us who are really fans, because we are proud to be part of the community and the freedom of rights we have.

Why did we choose these characters?

Actually talking about the FlutterDash, it's so fun and extensive, but simplifying... The writers gave we the bases to become very fond of cause and we just started to sympathize with affection since Rainbow Dash met Fluttershy in the flight camp, the heroic way of defending her, being inseparable friends since childhood, and understanding their differences, also makes we can see an amazing balance. It's a unique relationship that we believe has much more to give. We like seeing them together so much, even singing duets, helping each other... simply beautiful!

Our target is not only to unify cutie ponies, but to give an example of acceptance and that we can all be different and at the same time free of criticism, without fear of saying what you really think and feel, it's a pleasant way to formalize a teaching.

We believe that My Little Pony has another overcome barriers and differences that have prevailed for years and today freedom is closer to reality in a harmonious and friendship way, which can achieve more and give more for them conmotion.

We deeply appreciate having read our request dear writers and continue to be the best show ever!