Compensation to the 12000-47350 affected by the HASBRO sale of War of the Spark mythic ed.

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So with refunds coming... Here is my suggestion.

TLDR, skip the problems section, and move to the SOLUTION section.

There are a total of 12000 to 47350 people affected here. Its a matter of how you wish to look at it. The first 12k had their orders complete, which were later cancelled by hasbro. They were COMPLETED orders, but there was a listing error (unbeknownst to the buyers) which caused the cancellation.

At maximum there were 47350 units sold, which is potentially 47350 people. We know that number is smaller because of a) bots b) people ordering more than 1 unit, c) people making multiple orders, of potentially 1-2 units.

Firstly, The problem(s);

1) Many were successful (at first) of the 12000 sold initially. Those orders, which were rightfully purchased, were then cancelled on without notice, whereby our product was then later RE-listed and sold. Keywords OUR PRODUCT. (We had rightfully purchased it first). Apparently there were listing errors involving taxes/duties.

2) FOREX and FEES; None of the FEES have been refunded by Pitney Bowes so far, and if you aren't from the USA, both your CC and Paypal take conversion fees to the tune of about 8% total on the purchase, and the refund, thus losing the customer upwards of 16% on FOREX. 

3) You did poor market research on the demand of this. With 35 MILLION players globally according to google, to provide a product that only caters to 0.003 % (3000ths of one percent) of your customers, is atrocious.

4) You cannot buy this product for less than $700 USD right now, so if you in fact wanted to replace that which is rightfully yours (you made a successful purchase within the first 12000 units), it would cost you $450 additional.


Please do NOT send us box toppers.

Please print an 8 pack of foil DATED promos for us. (exactly like we get in pre-releases or through previous special releases/promotions etc)

The date should be May 1, 2019, to commemorate the kerfuffle.

The 8 cards inside the mini pack should be ALL 8 PLANESWALKERS from the war of the spark mythic edition.

It should be free, or at worst, we should be invoiced for shipping costs.

The cardboard and foiling you print everything on would be mere pennies per pack sent, the PR / DAMAGE CONTROL would be worth millions alone in saved future sales and revenue as well as customer support and confidence. There would be up to 3x as many of these as the original product so those would remain lucrative.

If that isn't something you are willing to do, because clearly you are not willing to check cancelled orders and give those people a second chance (I know this first hand as I received the "sorry not sorry" email) then what you should be doing is cancelling ALL of the orders, and re-selling once more, at a specific time, that everyone knows about, PROBLEM FREE, ensuring people actually have a fair chance at it.

If you were affected, please upvote this/sign...

I really want to just put forth an idea to WOTC/Hasbro on how to compensate the rest of us in this situation. A box topper or a tiny gift card isn't really sufficient here.

If you are against it or have an alternate idea, please start your own thread/petition.