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Hasbro: Bring Derpy Hooves back completely in Season 4!

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To whom it may concern,

It is nearly a year now that our most beloved pony Derpy Hooves was censored in the episode "The Last Roundup", because some people complained about her voice, her name and probably also her crossed eyes.
During the third season we became aware to the fact that the appearances of Derpy Hooves are very reduced in most of the episodes and that she has no speaking role in it.
But we recognized and enjoyed her high number of appearances in the Season 3 finale and we hope now that Derpy will get a high number of appearances again in Season 4.
It's our wish that Derpy's appearances will getting back to the status where they were in "The Last Roundup", before the complainings started, in Season 4.
For us, that means that Derpy will become new big roles in Season 4 again, with making her voice heard and is speaking with her original voice again and that her eyes are crossed again, like in the uncensored version of "The Last Roundup".
We also wish that the name "Derpy" is mentioned by another character again, like Rainbow Dash did it in this episode.

Please Hasbro, read this letter about Derpy Hooves from Twilight Sparkle to Princess Celestia and remember on the moral principles about Love and Tolerance of "My little Pony: Friendship is Magic":

Dear Princess Celestia,

today, I have learned a very important lesson about tolerance. Let me explain:

There is a pony in our peaceful town called Derpy Hooves.
Derpy is a clumsy pony, that often messes things up.
Do you remember the day when I learned about Pinkie's special ability to predict the future with the shakings of her body? Derpy worked for a moving company back then and dropped a piano on me while working.
Sometimes, she has trouble making friends because of her clumsyness, but she is very nice.
The fans of our show soon began to love her, from the day on I arrived in Ponyville.
Derpy showed herself sometimes to them, but she stayed always in the background.
She was afraid that our fans wouldn't like her anymore when she speaks.
But she gained more and more confidence, when she saw how much the bronies and pegasisters loves her.
And on the day Apple Jack left Ponyville for the rodeo competition in Canterlot to win money for reparing the roof of the town hall Derpy had destroyed, she finally spokes out to our fans!
She needed a little help from Rainbow Dash, who was with her at her great appearance to give her some moral support, but she made it!
She was so happy then and really looked forward to the enthusiasm of her fans after hearing her speaking.
The bronies and pegasisters that watched her appearance were really enthusiastic after they saw it and loved her much more.
But unfortunately, there were also some people who became angry about her then.
They were mean to her and called her „stupid“, „retarded“ and even „offensive“!
Can you imagine that?
Hasbro wasn't happy about this and so, the responsibles for our show there decided to change her appearance.
They'd come to Derpy and Rainbow and said they have to make a new scene with Derpy speaking.
Derpy was against it, but they forced her to speak with another voice......
They even forced her to go the doctor in Ponyville for fixing her crossed eyes, who gave her a medicine for fixing them, and they forbid Rainbow to say her name again!
Derpy was very unhappy about it, that Hasbro had given in to her haters, but she couldn't do anything against it.
She was so sad, that she decided not to speak to her fans anymore and returned to the background of our show again.
And because of this, it is hard to see her somewhere in the episodes of our third season.
I tried, together with Rainbow, Pinkie, Rarity, Apple Jack and Fluttershy, to make her happy again and to convince her to give it another try, but her sadness is so big, that we were not successful.
She even is afraid now, that Hasbro plans to remove her out of our show, because she would have to leave Ponyville then. She loves our town and has friends here, so she is very frightened now and cries often.
The only thing that gives her a little hope, is, that her fans have decided to fight for her.
She smiled a little when she saw the petitions that was opened for saving her. It's a year now since this petitions were opened and it had become quiet about the fight for her, but I can reassure you that it is not over!
I heard some days ago from two bronies that they want to build up a new campaign for Derpy.
They said that banning Derpy would mean to say that no clumsy, cross-eyed people can be showed on tv.
They want from Hasbro that they allow Derpy in our next season to completely be themselves again. They asked me to use this letter for a new petition and I gave them my allowance.
You see, Princess, Derpy's fans still work hard to guarantee that she is safe!
I already told Derpy about the new campaign and now, she has more hope for the future.
She even said she maybe will speak to her fans again, when they managed it to save her!
I heard that the new campaign should start soon, and I hope that Hasbro will respect the will of Derpy's fans!

From these events I learned, that somepony is not offensive, only because it's different.
Everypony has the right to live a happy life with many friends, even when it's clumsy.
Only when we accept others as they are, we can live together peacefully.

Your faithful student

Twilight Sparkle

Please Hasbro and Studio B, fulfill our wishes by bringing Derpy back completely in Season 4!

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