Bring Back Non-Burst Beyblades

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Beyblades have been around since 1999. The iconic 4D system with unique facebolts,  unequalled power rings, specially-tailored  metal plate, the consistent spin track and the ever important spin tip.

Although they may be toys, Metal Beyblades have created memories and peaked interests worldwide. We were all devastated when Hasbro and Takara Tomy stopped the production of those legendary pieces of non-stop entertainment.

Sure, Beyblades are still around, but are Beyblade bursts really that good? Those flimsy pieces of plastic with the feeble metal frames are nothing compared to the Metal Fury, Metal Fusion and Legend Beyblade Series..

Pegasus, Fang Leone, L-Drago, Sagittario, Eagle etc. Those will never be forgotten and will be long missed.

It's time to bring them back!